Work from home jobs opportunities

"Work from home jobs opportunities" are growing day by day for various reasons, future world getting skilled for working from home efficiently, you should also sharpen your skills!

As we have already seen a drastic changes in job market, people are no more in love with their regular office job, that become really monotonous and less productive, demand of skill based job are increasing day by day, people love to work from home as freelancer or as contractor, everyone love freedom !

On the other hand companies find it more effective and less permanent liabilities, no infrastructure cost, and eventually more profitable. So they are also encouraging "work from home culture".

Here are the few things you need to know about working from home

So learn some skill that you are more passionate about, and the skill that has good demand in job market. You can make much more money than regular job.

Best Companies for Working from Home

Here are some companies and websites that provides remote job opportunities for people who wants to work from home.

  • Articulate- Work from any place, No office
  • Crossover - HQ are based in Austin, Texas, USA
  • Dribbble - Good site for Graphic Designer
  • 10up - Provide remote job, stays connected with Slack, Google Hangout,
  • Automattic- More wordpress related work
  • Buffer- social media management company, distributed team
  • Flexjobs- Provide Remote Job Opportunity
  • Ttecjobs- Global company, They are always on
  • Genuitec- Hire smart people where they live, worldwide
  • TalentsHunt- A new start-up, help you to get connected with more recruiters
  • Concentrix- Very big company with 125,000 employees, $3 billion revenues
  • Provide remote jobs, hand-picked daily

Many organizations trying build hybrid workforce after pandemic experience, by hiring people remotely from different background, using the power of globalization.

There are some basic fundaments of building hybrid workforce

There are four thumb rules of building a remote work culture that every organization should practice, Explained by Tsedal Neeley (Harvard Business School Professor)

  • Everyone is clear about shared goal in organization, apart from knowing individual task, everyone should know what they are trying to achieve as a team.
  • Everyone understands that constraints people might have and contribution they make, despite the fact that they are not present under same roof.
  • Shared norms of communication, creating a psychological safe environment, where everyone feel comfortable and can express their opinions fearlessly.
  • Everyone understands about available remote resources, (resource like knowledge, education, budget, information, access to network etc.) , and how to use them for work.

How to find work from home jobs

Finding work from home job is really not easy, many people ask me whether the work from home opportunity they get from online advertisement, are they genuine? So I did some research, here is what I feel about those advertisement.

Most of such advertisement, which says that you can make plenty of money easily just by working few hours from home, and shows some testimonials, 99% of them are fake! So be careful before you contact them.

But there are some genuine jobs also, not plenty; here is how you can get in touch with them

  • Create your online profile in social media, especially in LinkedIn with all your education details, job experience, professional skill etc.
  • Nicely put a message saying you are looking for some work from home with some skill / and interested matching job profile etc.
  • Connect some people from same industry; ask for endorsement (sometimes that supports)
  • Stop spreading any stupid thing in your social profile, keep it social & clean
  • If you can create a blog, would be great, but not necessary
  • Now start contacting all possible sources in your industry where you feel you can get some jobs, remember initially hardly anyone will respond to your message, but don’t worry! Keep contacting them after some certain interval.
  • Share some good picture of your home work station, that will make people feel like you are always ready for work. Creating your online image is very important.
  • Keep ready with your payment terms & account details, don’t be shy for asking about payment, but be polite not rude, and always be ready to give little extra. in terms of hours / little extra effort. try to keep them happy, client should feel like they got the value for money.

If you keep the consistency of your service and online activity, approach, follow up, then eventually you start getting lots of work, it will take time.

What kind of work you can do from home

Think of any job that can be done using internet, and you should have a computer with stable internet connection and at least one professional skill.

Some of the popular job types are data entry job, graphic design, web design, web development, content writing, digital marketing, social media marketing, recruitment, customer service technical support, online sales, coaching etc.

What skill do you need for home based work

There are some demanding skill set that can get a good job opportunity even sitting at home.
Here are some skillsets

Web Designing

Web designing is one of the most demanding works from home job. so if you are a good web designer, then there are many opportunities for you working from home as a web designer. Play with your creativity, web designing job is something you can fall in love with!

Now all businesses are going on web, so there are endless opportunities, just develop your skill, you can work for people around the globe. Start learning HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap, Jquery, JSON, Node Js etc.

Content Writing

If you enjoy writing about any business, wonder how advertising world works, this may be the exciting career option for you.

Content writing is an art, and fascinating way of telling people about any business service of product, if you are a good content writer you can work from home online

Digital Marketing

Without Digital Marketing there won’t be any business in coming days, the demand is going to be high and higher.

Marketing is going to be more competitive and complex day by day, this will be the key of any business success . So if you are good digital marketing expert then you can make good money sitting at home. Learn more about Digital Marketing


Blogging is one of the most popular way, many people start blogging for making money, very few become successful!

If you are passionate about writing, and want to build a career, blogging is the fantastic way to start without investing a single penny.

Show your creativity to the world, Learn how to start blogging step by step, and become professional blogger to earn money.


Programming is fun, once you fall in love, you never know how time passing by!

There will be never ending opportunities, the entire world needs good programmer.
Overall, we can categories programmer into four type (though there is no hard rule, let’s not debate about catrgorization)

  • Front End
    JavaScript, JQuery, JSON
  • Middle Tier
    C# .Net, VB.Net, Java, Python, Php
  • Backend
    SQL, Oracle, Bigdata
  • Networking
    socket, shell scripting

These are just to start with… this field is like a ocean ..there is no end can go deep and deeper. keep learning!

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is one of the high demanding skills, if you are good graphic designer, you can work from home online, graphic design is required almost everywhere for brochure printing, leaflet, hording, visiting card, wall designing, interior designing

Video Making / Business Presentation Creation

Video making is very high demanding skill, all business needs a good presentation, if you learn video marking and commercial business presentation you can start working online from home, and this can be a very good career option

If you are building your own online business and want to create stunning videos, then here are some great tools that help you creating video from dynamic content using their AI.

Database Designing

Database is the heart of any business, as we know most of the business going online, and trying to capture visitor data, client’s enquiry, so they all need a database expert from designing and developing database, you can learn online and work form home.

Sometimes client look for people who can help in cleaning or creating data from internet; sometimes they provide you excel sheet you need to organize or clean data based on various business criteria provided by client.

You can learn MS-SQL and MySQL from our free database tutorials

Android Development / IPhone Development

Now days smart phones are like minicomputer, we can do many things from our phone, and because of easy access to internet, people check their emails, social media, and surf internet from phone more often, even study says mobile internet is more used then desktop, and because of this trend all business website / application are taking “mobile first” approach.
So the demand of Android and IPhone Development increasing day by day.

Recruting / Recruitment

Recruitment is an Art; and becoming very exciting career opportunities now a days, get ready! If you are a professional recruiter you can work from home online. Read here to know more about how to become professional recruiter

Data Science / AI / EI / Business Analytics

Data science is an extremely popular field with a broad range of applications, Because Data is the New Oil of Business!

Key challenges for working from home

Finding working from home job is tougher than you think it would be, especially if you are trying for the first time. here are some reasons...

  1. Building trust :
    No matter how advanced we become technologically, still we hesitate or find it difficult to trust people virtually (because of too many fake people and spammers
  2. Accepting different people:
    We all are different, but we all are just human, the same, just traveler on this earth! People find it difficult to accept that fact. (there are reasons)
  3. Communication :
    Communication is one of the most important things, where most of the people accept that the other person would know or communicate, they way he/she is communicating, if something is different, people feel the person is different, which is not true.

Working from home responsibility

As we know everything in this world comes with a price, so for this opportunity also has a price, you should be willing to pay for!
Here are some best practices for working from home you should always consider!

  • Treat other’s time is more important than yours
  • Be punctual about everything, like sending email, making phone call, responding to call etc
  • You should understand everyone is from different time zone, so sometimes you have to have patience to get the job done.
  • Respect other’s culture, accent, try to understand them rather you expect them to understand you.
  • Never show your frustration while talking to someone, no matter how right you are, keep calm, let the person realize if there is anything wrong from their end .
  • Learn the art of communication, written communication is very important, put up every small thing you want to communicate, don’t assume anything
  • And never fight in email, nobody wins those fight, rather talk to that person on phone / Skype
  • Don’t forget to take break, sometimes we focus so much that we forget to take a break, and that unknowingly keep on adding stress, which is really bad for health.
  • If you are going on holidays, don’t forget to put your email auto responder turn on with a message about when you come back to work

Accountability is the key of successful working from home strategy

Now, Bad things about working from home is, you will be missing those good moments while working in office, like chit-chat at tea time, cracking jokes, some fun, going out together, you may feel like it's not about saving time always, it's about having quality time, without people around life is nothing, even some disagreements are also okay, you will be missing them! Money is important, but we are not just money making machine, at the end we have to have a meaningful life!

Find out your way of living, be happy!

You may be interested to know How to secure your computer from hacking while working from home.

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