IOT Fundamental: Basic Concept

Internet of Things, often termed as IOT, is one of the hot topics on internet technology today, This post will help you to understand the basic fundaments of IOT system and workings.

  1. What is IOT?
  2. IOT Example.
  3. How IOT works!

what is iot
What is IOT?

IOT means Internet of Things, The word “things” means objects, specifically physical objects in this case, objects that are embedded with sensors and many software, and all these objects are connected to internet for passing data from one device to another – the whole things is called IOT (Internet of Things).

IOT Examples

IOT used for machine-to-machine or device-to-device communication. IOT application helps in data driven decision making using machine learning and analytics.

There are different types of IOT applications, some are very industry specific, some are for regular households.

Common examples are connected logistics, retail chain, smart cities, hospital management system etc.

In our daily life we use many IOT service like smart watches, smart fitness trackers, we can control refrigerators, fire alarms from mobile, Amazon's voice assistant Alexa, many-gated society now has smart security system.

There are many real-world iot (internet of things) applications used in enterprise business like health care, medical, energy sector and telecom industry.

IoT Applications and APIs

To implement IoT we need a REST API for every device, there are many platforms provide IoT api for developers to consume in their application development, as a developer you probably should look at following IOT platforms!

  • Brillo OS and Weave from Google
    Brillo is an android-based os, Weave is for device to device communication.
    In google cloud you will get all IOT Api configuration details.
  • AWS IoT Jobs service, that allows you to define a set of jobs, we can define a job there, that instructs multiple devices to download and install application or updates, reboot etc.
  • Microsoft Azure provides IoT Suite, the platform has a set of services that enables users to receive data from IoT devices and interact with IoT devices.

How IOT works

IOT is combination of many software, where data is transferred from one device to another device, each time there can be multiple layer of authentication and authorization required depending on nature of application and who is consuming it.

One of the most important thing in IOT development , is API, all the communications are done through various type of API, to communicate with any end point either we consume their API or provide our API to send or receive data.

Here are some posts about how you can build your API using .Net framework.

Different API may have different type of authentication and authorization, but some fundamentals will remain the same.

You may read this post from IBM about What is IOT!

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