Kids Programming Course Online

Kids programming course online, Smart kids learning coding to improve logic-building skills with real-time examples from daily life, Learn coding like a game!

kids learning programming

We are dealing with technology every day, and many of us have curiosity to know how things work, how we can build our own application, game etc., some kids are proactive to find out things on internet, so as a Parent we have responsibility to help them out with right information.

[For Parents and Guardian]

Most of the kids coding courses are in either JavaScript or in python, some of the course will introduce with database programming concept using mysql , As a parent if you are not familiar with any coding syntax and want to check how they look like, You can either look at basic coding syntax or deep dive into following professional tutorials.

Above tutorials will help you to understand the programming concept and later helping your kids better, One day, Kid will thank you for this head start, this little effort can change their life forever for betterment.

Teach kids how to code (Coding Practice)

If you are smart kid, then try to complete following coding tasks, it will be fun!

Here are some small exercises for smart kids coding practice at home; you can use any programming language, these tasks will help improving your logical thinking and understanding the flow while getting familiar with coding syntax.

kids learning programming
Kids Coding Task 1
  • Create two teams
  • Add 5 players in each team
  • Remove the 3rd player from first team and 2nd player from second team
  • Display name of each player on two different boards.

Need help? look at team management tutorial

Kids Coding Task 2
  • Create a team for fund raising
  • Create a Cashbox
  • Raise fund from people.
  • Create a list of needy people,
  • Distribute all the money among them equally
  • Congratulate every team members for their effort

Need help? look at fund distribution tutorial

kids learning programming
Is coding difficult?

No, not at all! However, like any other sports like swimming, mountaineering, initially it may look difficult, you may fail first few times, nothing to worry about! You will be able to code in next few days, then depending on your level of interest and your effort, you keep on learning advance coding; this field is like ocean, there is no end of learning new things. We all are kids, when it comes to learning!

For Parents, here are some professional courses, you too can learn and create a fantastic career online free. It's never too late to learn something new!

Kids Coding Course Free

Here I am sharing some excellent resources that can help you to introduce your kids with right programming world.

  1. Kodable

    Kodable can be right platform to team your kids about programming, the platform helps creating interactive fun games and teach coding at the same time, any kid will enjoy that.

  2. CodeSpark

    CodeSpark is the perfect coding learning platform to introduce kids ages 5-9 to programming. with this platform your kids learn how to code and develop tech skills while playing and having fun.

  3. ScratchJr

    ScratchJr coding course are for kids ages 5-7, there kids can program their own interactive stories and games.