Learn Scrum Agile Methodology with agile tools

Scrum Agile Methodology is one of the most popular methodology in today’s software application development. We need to get familiar with few jargons while discussing about scrum.

agile sprint

There are many project management tools to use Agile Scrum in your project, Azure DevOps can be considered as one of the popular tools to learn and practice agile scrum methodology, following tutorials will help you learning Azure DevOps and Agile Scrum at the same time.

Why to learn Scrum?

Scrum helps achieving small release within timeline, also helps to get the idea if any particular task taking more than the time estimated, and finding dependency factors easily, which means if every sprint is completed on time, then the overall project will be delivered on time. If any task gets delayed, we get to know exactly which task or dependency is causing the delay, rather than waiting till the last moment, so that we can keep updating all stakeholder about the progress.

Learn Agile Scrum in 7 Days

Here are few terminologies that we often use while learning Agile Scrum.

  1. Products Backlog : Product backlog will be created by Product Owner & scrum team. backlog are the piece of functionality of entire project.
  2. Sprint backlog : Identifying the area will be developed in each mile stone.
  3. Sprints : This is a small milestone. sprint can be of 7 to 30 days. and are a "timeboxed"
  4. Scrum Master: who is monitoring the progress and updating prject plan day to day basis.
  5. Burn down Charts :
  6. Product Owner : Person who has the visualization of the product.
  7. Scrum Team : Designer, Developer, Tester, Scrum master (project manager) & Project Owner.
  8. Daily Scrum : Its a 30 minutes meeting with team members everyday in the morning to discuss the goal for the day.
  9. Scrum Review : Once any sprint ends, everyone gets together in a meeting to share what he/she accomplished during the sprint, and what the problems come accross.

You may be interested to learn more about Scrum Framework, and how does that help in large product development efficiently by minimizing the risk.

Best tools available for agile scrum practice

There are many new agile tools like clickup, notionops, monday, devops, jetBrains, Git tools etc, you can start using for free! you may find all agile project management features are almost same, and some of them provide additional integration capabilities to support continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD).

Jira is one of the most popular project management tools that allow you to practice agile, you find every step from creating project, assigning to people, changing various step of each items, updating details, finally generating reports, you can design small sprint and follow the lifecycle easily to improve your project progress. You can start using Jira for free!

There are many agile templates, agile module and tools like JIRA that can help you to practice agile efficiently in your project management, Here we can learn how to practice agile sprint using Devops Azure

Whatever tools you use, you experience the agile sprint lifecycle is same everywhere! may be little different in navigation. Azure devops tools are directly integrated with azure server, which will allow to posh code from DevOps server to azure server by creating different pipelines, this feature may not be available in some other agile tools, or, you need to do lot of additional configuration work.

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