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JavaScript tutorial for beginners

This JavaScript tutorial for Beginners and Professionals will guide you to learn JavaScript Programming with some real-time examples. Please feel free to ask question, I will keep updating this tutorial with answer of your query!

Learn Javascript Programming Online

In this Javascript tutorial for beginners you will learn from very basic JavaScript Syntax, how to write javascript code, On page JavaScript, how to write External javascript file, add javascript file reference.

You will learn basic JavaScript coding by examples, how to write javascript in different ways. Before we write any javascript code, you must know that javaScript is case sensitive .

How to learn JavaScript Programming

We can write javascript in two way

  • On page javascript
  • External Javascript file (.js )
On page JavaScript syntax

Javascript code block always starts with <script> and ends with </script>.

var _welcomeMessage="Welcome to WebTrainingRoom";

In above example, we declared a variable called _welcomeMessage, then assigned a string value within "".

  • To declare a variable use var then name of the variable
  • Once you assign a value to that variable, that become the data type of variable, in our case above variable become string type after value assigned
  • You cannot change the data type of any variable within the program scope, suppose you have written var x=10;, now within the program you cannot write var x="Hello World";
  • Any statement in javascript ends with ; semicolon
  • JavaScript is case sensitive, so var x and var X are two different variables
Work with External Javascript file (.js) syntax

You can create a separate javascript file and call that file from your webpage. Here are few characteristic of external javascript file.

  • External javascript file has to be saved with .js extention
  • when you create a js file, you can not write any other type of code in that file, everything has to be javascript only
  • To access the javascript function in your webpage, add file reference this way <script src="~/scripts/yourJsFilename.js"> </script>
Why to learn javascript

JavaScript is the most popular client side programming languages in the world because of its compatibility with all major web programming languages like java,, php, python etc, after learning JavaScript syntax, you will be able to develop modern responsive web application using different client side libraries and frameworks.

JavaScript is an object oriented programming language, JavaScript is widely used for all type of web application for different device like mobile, android, tablets, desktop etc. it helps creating beautiful and crazy responsive dynamic websites, so it has huge demand in job market, if you Google for JavaScript jobs, you may see thousands of job opening in your city and across the globe. Some companies are also looking for remote developer, where you can work from home too.

You can build function on google apps using javascript, google apps scripts are purely javascript that allow you to build customized functionalities on top of google apps like google sheet, google workspace etc.

Modern javascript frameworks

There are many Javascript frameworks and libraries have been developed for modern web application development

The most popular and commonly used JavaScript frameworks are jQuery, Angular, React, Backbone.js, Vue.js, Ext.js, Polymer, Aurelia, Node.js, Meteor etc.

Learn JavaScript online by examples

Here you will be learning "how to write JavaScript function" in web designing and development with some real-time examples

We have organized this JavaScript tutorial for beginners and professionals both; there are many examples and external reference for JavaScript libraries that help you to learn JavaScript programming starting from very basic to advance level.
If you are new to coding, then JavaScript programming is the best thing to start with, JavaScript is widely used in web application development, there are many JavaScript frameworks, and as a beginner, you should learn how to write code in JavaScript, which will help you to understand other programming language too!
JavaScript tutorial
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Learn JavaScript Programming