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Google webmaster tool is now google search console, Complete Google Webmaster Guidelines

Google webmaster tools (Search Console)

Google Webmaster Tutorial for Beginners, Google webmaster tool is now google search console, Learn webmaster tools analytics, submits url, performance analysis like position, CTR, clicks, impressions etc. and disavow tools. Complete Google search console account setup guide step by step.

Google Search Console (Webmaster) Setup

Are you trying for better search engine rankings? Then you must know how to use Google Search Console!

In this beginner's guide to Google webmaster search console, we teach you how to implement Google Webmaster for your website step by step, Learn URL Sitemap, Inspection, Performance, Coverage, Mobile usability, Links, indentify excluded pages, check performance and optimize better, everything you need to know for better SEO result.

Webmaster tool is like primary school of your SEO student life, without knowing this tool you just can’t move.

Getting started with Google search console is very easy; anyone can start using this tool by signing with their gmail id.

In this post I will tell you how you can get the maximum benefit of this google search console.

So if you are new to Google webmaster this really help you to setup your website, even if you have some previous experience, New Google Webmaster has changed many things.
Let’s get started

Start Using Google Webmaster Search Console

First of all you need a Google account to sign in, if you don’t have Gmail account, create one, and then you need to add your website to Google Search Console, and also you have to authenticate that you are the owner of the website you are adding, Google provide few different mechanism to prove your ownership.
Here I will provide step by step guide.

  • Step 1:
    Add your website to google webmaster search console, you need to login with your gmail id, after you login to Google Search Console simply click on “Add Property”

    add file to google search console
  • Step 2:
    Verify your ownership, Google wants to make sure you are the owner of this website, so there are few methods by which google does verify your website ownership

    add file to search console
  • Step 3:
    Add your XML sitemap, if you don’t know how to create sitemap, there are some awesome free tool for creating sitemap for your website, with free version they allow you to create up to 500 pages, which is good enough to start with

    add xml site map to google webmaster
  • Step 4:
    After submitting the sitemap it will take few days to be indexed in Google, by the time you can submit few important urls to google for faster indexing.

    In earlier google webmaster there was feature called "fetch as google" , where you could submit a url and all liked url at one click, that feature is no more available in new webmaster, but there is something similar called “URL Inspection”.

    url inspection or fetch as google

    If you have inspecting the URL for the first time you may see the message like ”URL is not on Google”, In case you want to reconfirm, or want to make sure the latest changes on the page is reflected, you also can click on “Test Live URL”.
    Once URL fetching done, then you can “request indexing”.

  • Step 5:
    Coverage is a great new feature in Google webmaster search console ; this was not there in earlier version that tells if there are pages with errors, warning or has been excluded from Google indexing, it helps to identify those pages and fixes those issues.

    url coerage details in webmaster

    If you click on type linked (as shown in above picture), it will show the list of your pages, then you can quickly fix them and resubmit for indexing.

  • Step 6:
    Check Mobile Usability, means how your WebPages will appear on Mobile device, if you want to be successful in web marketing, make sure your pages are browse-able on mobile device (not I am not talking about web App, in most of the business specially if you are a startup you may not require a web app) just make sure your WebPages are responsive.

    check Mobile Usability in webmaster
  • Step 7:
    Check performance, how your website is doing, as we have some target audience to reach, we must design each page for best optimized way for search engine, in this section you will able to see how your web pages are appearing and for which keywords, pages etc.

    check performance in webmaster

    This way when you know some pages are not doing well, you can think of optimizing them further for better result.

disavow tools
Back link building is one of the important factors in SEO; quality back links are good for SEO but back links from spam and low quality website can harm your website ranking, you need to add them disavow tools list as a text file.

Bing Webmaster
Like Google webmaster search console, there are some similar tools in Bing Webmaster, which allow you to submit your website in Bing site, which is another popular search engine, also many other small search engines fetch result from Bing database, still Google webmaster will remain number one priority list.

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