Modern healthcare system development need

Recent COVID-19 has taught us many things, one of the most important lessons we have realised that we do not have enough health care facilities to deal with any emergency like COVID situation, and there is huge opportunity in modern healthcare system development.

Technology can play important role in evolution of healthcare system and making life beautiful, we have seen how difficult it was to get information about medicine, resources, medical professionals during COVID time, and to solve every single opportunity, we need am effective healthcare system.

What type of Healthcare system you want to develop?

Are you a healthcare professional? Or thinking of developing an effective healthcare system, let's learn how to develop modern healthcare system, what are the different type of healthcare software products and latest technology trends!

Healthcare system development

Healthcare is one of the most complicated subject with lots of uncertainly, inter- dependency factors, which are constantly changing, and we have to deal with it with utmost priority. COVID-19 has been a great teacher in 2020!

Broadly, we can classify all healthcare software systems tools into following three categories!

  • HealthCare Data Management

    There is various type of healthcare data management tools available in market; here are few well-known types.

    1. Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software

      EHR (Electronic Health Record) is like CRM, EHR software collects information of patients, their medical history, doctors’ recommendations, all type of medical records, and prescriptions etc.

      EHR has two main components, Electronic patient record software (EPR) and Electronic medical record software (EMR)

    2. Hospital management software
    3. Medical equipment management software
    4. Health tracking apps
  • HealthCare Research and Innovation
    1. Medical research software

      Healthcare research tools are developed for medical students and healthcare practitioners, where they can share all educational content, review, capture opinions from medical community.

      This type of platform are strictly managed and governed by Government body ( like National Center for Biotechnology Information, National Library of Medicine, Indian Council of Medical Research, WHO etc.) and/ or their authorised agency.

      Most of this type of tools has mechanism to consume Govt API and fetch data for medical practice, there are several type of HCP (Health Care Professionals) consumes this type of healthcare system.

    2. Medical diagnosis software
    3. Medical imaging software
  • HealthCare Product Marketing and Sales
    1. E-prescribing software
    2. Telemedicine software
    3. Appointment scheduling software

      Handling large number of patients with minimum resource can be really challenging job, we have seen during COVID-19 situation, people were struggling to get appointment and to know their status, appointment and notification service can reduce the pressure on doctors, administrative team and among people.

    4. Medical billing software
Healthcare Digitalization with Data

There will be huge amount of patient’s data and research data that plays crucial role in success of healthcare systems, analyzing and finding the right data will be tough job unless we use trendy powerful technologies, analytics, AI etc.

There are many AI driven Product Analytics Tools are continuously optimizing their performance to bring out the best for healthcare systems.

Before we start using analytics, we should invest good amount time defining the right data structure, no matter what type of healthcare system you are developing, right design of dataset and subset will play the key role in success of any healthcare service.

So, standardizing data may be another challenge, when we keep receiving large amount of data in different format like excel, xml, csv, different SQL sources etc, we need to make all data fit into standard structure, there will be issues like duplicate data, backdated data, and irrelevant wrong data etc; we need to first make the data clean, usable and updated, which may not be a easy regular task, SQL SSIS can be very useful service for all type of data extract transform and load operation.

What HCP in healthcare system?

HCP stands for Health Care Professionals; in all healthcare system, we can find this is one common object type HCP, the object structure will be almost same in all the system, but depending on nature of business some additional attributes could be added;

hcp in healthcare system

This standard definition of HCP can be utilised in different type of healthcare system like hospital management, medical research or EHR system etc.

We can implement role or claim based authentication apart from standard authentication process for all HCP.

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