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Everything you need to know about Software Testing , A tutorial for beginners to learn software testing step by step.

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is the well-defined process to make sure that every piece of software code is working as expected, there different ways to test the code, the process is known as software testing, in every software company there are dedicated professional who performs these tasks

The world is becoming digitalised, most of the business are going online day by day, business transaction are happening online, so everyone need highly secure and very all tested software products, the demand of software testing jobs are increasing day by day.

Now all web application needs multiple round of testing because of continuous changes in technologies, intruding new technologies, change in data format and many other reason cam make output unpredictable and cause errors, so there are different frameworks, tools and manual testing together makes things bug free and stable.

Type of Software Testing

There are the different type of software testing done, depending on what type of product is that and how crucial is the business flow.

Normally in software companies there is a dedicated team assigned for each project, they create different type of test cases consulting with business team, each test case can have multiple approach to make sure functionality is working as expected.

The team is responsible for all type of testing of that module, functional and non-functional testing.

Functional Testing are like Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Smoke Testing, User Acceptance Testing (known as UAT), Interoperability testing etc.

Non-functional Testing are like Load Testing, Performance Testing, Device Compatibility testing

Here are some of the common testing processes followed by software testing team.

  • Manual Testing

    Manually testing each business case with different type of data to make sure the right output.

  • Automation Testing

    Automation testing is testing by writing code, which is much faster in some scenario, Here is an example of Unit Testing Framework in C#

  • White Box Testing

    White box testing is the method to test internal structures or workings, tester get access to source code, they can compare the code with sequence diagram or control flow diagram, and this is the testing method to make sure implementation was done as per design document.

  • Black Box Testing

    BLACK BOX TESTING is type of behavioral testing, where tester is not aware of internal flow or source code, they just test the functionality by inserting different type of data to check if any interface producing any type of errors.

  • Grey Box Testing

    Grey box testing is basically a combination of white box testing and black box testing, in this testing scenario tester has partial understanding of internal flow, and try to find bug by inputting data from UI and the cross check with database, try to find loopholes of that software component.

  • Stress Testing

    Stress testing is the process of stressing the limit of any software application. To check what would be the output in extreme situation, Tester goes beyond the defined test cases, uses different techniques to find the breaking point where the application will not be able to handle the request, for example, how many request the application can handle at a time, and still produce right result at same speed.

    Here are some popular web application performance testing tools

    • Apache JMeter
    • Loadster
    • NeoLoad
    • Locust

    Here are some more information about ASP.NET Core stress testing.

  • Security Testing

    Security testing is the process to check how secure the software application is! Means without right credential is there any way to get access to data, like the way hacker try to steal data from any software application.

  • Regression Testing

    Regression testing is a type of maintenance activity, it makes sure that all functional and non-function behaviour is still same after new deployment, this type of testing is usually done after staging deployment and UAT deployment, it re-run the whole lifecycle once again from here and there.

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