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Learn Affiliate Marketing Online, Affiliate marketing basic definition for beginners

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing definition

Affiliate marketing is a term used when you promote and sell other's product through your own digital marketing channel, means you earn based on your marketing performance, and you get commission each time you provide visitor or customer to your affiliate partner.

Learn Affiliate Marketing step by step

To become an affiliate marketer, you must have a good website, if you still don't have any website; learn how to build a website first.

Instead of website if you have a blog then also you can start affiliate marketing, in case you don't have a blog , learn how to create a free blog, then make sure your blog looks professional.

Note, you can do affiliate marketing even without a website or blog, but that may not be successful affiliate marketing techniques, and involve some immediate risky cost.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is actually old way of building business, in earlier days people used to refer a business / product / service, the way it's actually done nowadays called Affiliate marketing.

You have to refer some merchant's product to visitor of your blog or website, and when they visit or buy the product you earn commission from merchant.

So, to be successful in Affiliate Marketing, you must have good number of visitor on your blog or website. Basically you have to increase traffic on your blog or website.

affiliate marketing generates high income

Can I do Affiliate Marketing without a Website or Blog ?

Yes, you can do that using email marketing or promoting through some app, but that will involve some cost every time you want to sell or promote merchant products.

You may have few more queries about Affiliate Marketing and how you can earn money from affiliate marketing , so here I am sharing some more information that would be useful for you.

Where do I get merchants (the seller, the brand) for affiliate program?

There are many merchants product company who provide affiliate program, but you need to find affiliate program that match with your content type.

Best way to find affiliate program for your site, just search in Google "[product type] affiliate program", replace [product type] with type of product you need for your content.

Is affiliate program same as Adsense?

Conceptually Yes, they are almost same in nature, but affiliate program gives much higher income than Adsense

Do i need money to join an affiliate program?

As a affiliate marketer, you don't have to pay anything to Merchant to join any Affiliate Program.

Now if you are promoting them in your blog, then there is no cost, apart from your time invested.
If you are promoting on your website, then also there is some cost of your website hosting , domain etc.
But, if you are trying to get quick result and doing PPC, email marketing then that will be direct cost (this is not recommended)

Okay, Now I understand Affiliate Marketing, But where do I Start?

You can easily find many merchants for your type of business, just Google it, you can try Amazon, Here are few sites that may help you mapping your website or blog content to right affiliate program

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