Avoid Internet Addiction to Increase Productivity

Do you really want to increase productivity? stay away from internet and hug the nature, yes , it works!

avoid internet addiction

In today’s technology driven world we are constantly in touch with internet using different devices, yes, it’s true that internet has made our life easy, and at the same time taking life away, in many cases we have been victim of internet usage.

Do you really think sitting in front of your laptop and constantly browsing information for long hours is “pushing hard?” , and you think that will bring you the best result? You are on wrong track!

You are just ruining your health and state of mind, nothing else!

If you are digital professional in any form, here are some thumb-rules you must follow for maintaining well-balanced healthy professional and personal life.

Here are top few habits can increase productivity drastically
  1. You can work only 5 hours efficiently, after that you actually keep dragging yourself, so plan your work for only 5 hours a day, you may stay in office for 9 to 10 hours, but after fifth hours your productivity is bound to go down, plan accordingly.

    If your manger ask you to fill the timesheet, simply fill 5 hours work and 3 hours for review time, tell your local resource manager this is how it will work smoothly.

  2. Whether working from home, remote location or in office, take a small break of 1 – 2 minutes frequently; try to look at distant objects if possible like greeneries, sky, mountain etc.

    Looking at greeneries for long hours can really improve your emotional-health and mind, in weekend, try to go to somewhere, where you can be in nature, I know not every week may be possible, try at least once in a month.

  3. Stay alone for at least half-an hour every day, and look at what have you done, is everything going smooth! If not, list down those points, and start working on those slowly.

    Do not worry, if some of your expected work is not happening the same way you planned, that happen with most of us, keep trying to improve those points without taking any stress.

  4. Try to talk to people around your area without any work! Simply talk to them, here are some people you may find easy to talk with...

    Gatekeeper / dhobi / chai-wala / security guard: you can start conversation by asking about how is doing…. How is life, family etc. make them feel good, just few minutes simple talk will make that person feel better and you also will feel better, sometimes if you listen carefully their problems, you may start feeling your problem is very small compare to their problems, be kind, show empathy.

    And when you come back to your work again, you will surely feel a fresh energy that help you concentrate better, that will even boost up your work efficiency.

  5. Feeding street animals can be another way to break the monotonous work practice and some way of engaging to life.

    Some street animals are very sensitive, they understand human better than even human themselves, specially dogs and cats.

    If you feed them once with love, they will remember you for very long time, and then next time they see you again, they will show you the kind of gesture, you will love that.

  6. Join outdoor game like football, cricket, badminton or trekking or simply long walk in nature that will help you to improve your physical stamina and boost up mind.

    if you find some friends to join with will be great, you can plan a day out, or you can join social group like photography group, historical place visit, visiting nearby village side (especially if you are a city dweller, kept confident in a city for a long time) - you will love that.

  7. Think of building some skill that you enjoy doing even alone, like painting, singing, photography, playing piano etc. some day you realize that this type activities will make life more meaningful, you may find many good friends through this journey.

Try to be in nature at least once in a month, nature treat us like mother, nature understand us even better than ourselves – it can cure many complicated problems easily.

It has magical power! it can improve your thinking accuracy and openness; experience it!

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