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SEMrush tutorial: How to use SEMRush to find long trail keywords and on-page optimization

SEMrush Traffic Analytics to Grow Online Business

SEMrush SEO Keyword Research Analytics

You probably already know about SEO audit tool SEMRush, here I will share some aspect of SEMRush usage that helped me optimizing my website better, that may help you too

SEMrush will can help you to understand traffic analytics, organic research, backlink audit, on page SEO etc, the tool will cost you 99$ per month for regular subscription, you can have Get One Month Free Trail to SEMrush PRO to experience the details analytics report for one specific domain.

Here in this Semrush tutorial I will explain two crucial aspect of growing your website traffic using this SEO tool.

  1. Keyword Analysis
  2. On Page Optimization

SEO Keyword Research

Earlier I shared free keyword research tools that can help you finding right competitive keywords for your website.

SEMrush provide an easy mechanism to find long trail keywords for your website, which can be comparatively easy to rank in search engine

This tool not only find the right keywords for you but also tell you what would be the volume of traffic for that specific keywords, you should try using low volume keywords where you face less competition.

semrush keywords research

If you notice in above keyword search result in each row there is volume of search and result of search, so you can understand the completion, now start optimizing your page accordingly, also remember that number of back links on that page will matter a lot, in on page optimization SEMrush also recommend which are the relevant sites you should get back links from.

On Page SEO Ideas

Let's start with On-Page SEO, which is one of the most important factors in online business success, SEMrush has done a great job in finding out what all things to be improved on a specific page.


Once you login to your SEMrush dashboard, you will get on-page SEO link on your left hand side navigation, which will take to the page below.

You can set you top most important pages to get optimization ideas, the tool will generate ideas which can boost up traffic up to 1000% percent (as they claim), but surely will help to optimize pages using their ideas. With free trial version you can get ideas for 10 pages.

semrush onpage seo

Crucial Info that Help in Website Ranking

Enrich your page content with some very important keyword phrase that your competitors are using, these keywords are suggested based on analysis from top 10 competitors, and will surely add some more value to on-page SEO

You probably already know that back links are one of the very important factors in search engine ranking, but knowing which back linking are most relevant and help the most is very important.

Click on "Semantic Ideas" on your "On Page SEO" report
semrush keywords research

Knowing what exactly to be changed in On-Page SEO is one of the key factors in SEO success, SEMrush brings up some of such crucial information that will save your lots of time and money; don't just believe in my words, experience it with One Month Free Trail of SEMrush PRO if you like you can continue with 99$ per month package, you need to pay annually.

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