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eCommerce for Small Business Tutorial

If you want to start your own ecommerce business, and don’t have any idea how to start, or what exactly ecommerce is all about, this ecommerce business tutorial will help you to understand and start your own ecommerce business step by step.

This tutorial is especially for small business owners, who want to start their online business, but having so many questions in mind, some hesitations, uncertainty and result.

Here are some of the key questions before building any eCommerce for small business, every business owners keep thinking about.

What is ecommerce business?

Ecommerce is also known as electronic commerce, which means any type business that is done using electronic media, especially done on internet- is called ecommerce.
Some more popular terms often used to refer ecommerce is "online business" , "online shopping" , "internet business" etc.

How to get ecommerce business idea! how to start?

You probably have some idea about how ecommerce business works, probably you have ordered some products on Flipkart, Amazon or any other food delivery site like zomato etc.

However, when you think of starting your own business online, things will be very different, you need to know every small “what and how” within your bandwidth!

eCommerce is the fastest growing retail market, and in future all business will go online, there is tremendous opportunity! So you should start learning "how to start an ecommerce business".

What type of business can be done online as ecommerce business?

Almost everything, all type of business can be influenced or built using ecommerce business models; you can see real-estate, education, cars, food, medicine, cloths every business is now selling online.

However, you need to understand, who are the right potential consumers for type of service or product you are offering, that will matter the most in your ecommerce success rather than just business types.

There are so many big ecommerce players in market, is there still new opportunity?

This is obvious serious question, which every small business owners are thinking about! Because every day we are seeing news about big ecommerce launch and supported by heavy funding.

There are impacting businesses with the power of technology and operation style, so remember adaptation theory? As a small business owner, you need to change the way you are operating businesses now!

Yes, there are plenty of opportunities, and there will be more, no matter how many big players existing in the market, what will matter how you position yourself with competitive range of products and services. so as a new comer you will have huge opportunity to grow faster.

Therefore, as a small business owner, building ecommerce business may bring up tremendous opportunity for tomorrow.

What are the popular ecommerce business models?

There are many standard business model definitions, but now a days competition is so high that every business mixing up different services to take the advantage, fine tuning to grab every small opportunity.

Here are some standard ecommerce business models

  • Business to consumer (B2C)
  • Business to business (B2B)
  • Consumer to consumer (C2C)
  • Business to government (B2G)

Is it good time to start new ecommerce business?

There is no good or bad time to start, you have to give time to your ecommerce to grow, analysis has to be done correctly based on your own bandwidth, what business problem your ecommerce will solve, and how the approach is efficient and different than others, which will play the key role in success. Understanding the demand and positioning is very important.

You may hear from people saying ecommerce does not work, here is why ecommerce business fails most of the times.

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Ecommerce is the Future of any Small Business,
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