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Aarindam Chakraborty, a passionate digital transformation practitioner with decades of experience in wide range of technologies, who loves designing competitive digital transformation roadmap for online business, always curious about latest trends, tools, innovation around the world, following all top-notch digital innovation blogs on internet!

We provide end to end digital transformation solution, help growing business online, design customised solution for small, medium and large enterprise for achieving their digital goal.

Aarindam Chakraborty, Digital transformation expert in India
Aarindam A Chakraborty [LinkedIn]
What if I work with you to build your online business systematically! or, guide you to do the same?

Are you ready to start building your online business!

As a business owner, you must take your business online as quick as possible, online business is not an option any more; it's mandatory!
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Grow online analytically, we show you how to dive in blue ocean and play around big sharks, that allows you to compete with Big Brands in your vertical, by using microanalysis and right implementation step by step, Develop and sustainable growth strategy for your online business!
About Arindam:

A hardcore techie turned digital transformation consultant, who just don’t read theory , but implement everything in real-life to see the impact, good understanding of SDLC, Agile and some extent of TOGAF, who can see the larger picture from product development to get them market-ready and finally user acceptance , and then the sustainability to adopt constant changes to survive in market. learn more about Aarindam.

I keep writing about various tech implementation posts apart from SEO and digital marketing tips!

digital transformation expert

What Digital Transformation Service I Provide?

I can help you building your digital business from scratch, whether you are building your startup or running an enterprise business, I can be with you, to build your dream.

I can provide tech product review, creating awareness about your product’s new features, how will that help small business user to benefit from!

  • Building your ecommerce business systematically, and help you growing your business online efficiently.
  • Analysing your business domain and finding micro opportunities.
  • You have existing online business? not getting result; I can guide you on content optimization that will help growing organically.
  • Creating awareness about your product’s new features:

    Writing a blog post about your product features and service on my blog, sharing in social media, participating in niche forum and groups etc.

  • Analyzing your content strategy and navigation flow, optimize the funnel that reaches the targeted audience.

You can learn more about me and my digital transformation work or contact me for consulting service.

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