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Web API Tutorial for Beginners

This Web API Tutorial for Beginners and Professionals will guide you to learn Web API Development with some real-time examples. Please feel free to ask question, I will surely keep updating this tutorial with answer of your query.

web api tutorial

Using ASP.NET Web API framework we can develop HTTP services, which can be consumed by broad range of clients, including different mobile devices, browsers, or different technology. ASP.NET Web API is ideal for building RESTful applications on the .NET Framework.

This .Net Web API Tutorials has been designed for beginners, Learn how to develop web api methods like Post, Put, Get, Security, Rest API using C# in Visual Studio.

public class StudentController : ControllerBase
	public async Task<Student> Get(int id)
		Student student = new Student();		
		student.StuId = id;
		student.City = "Kolkata";
		student.Cotact = "989200002";         
		return await Task.FromResult(student);

Write Web API using C#

What is ASP.NET Web API?
Web API in ASP.NET is a framework that helps building HTTP services, which can be accessed from any client including mobile devices or any browsers. This is an ideal platform for building any RESTful applications using the .NET Framework.

In this tutorial we will learn how to create WebApi in , and all common actions in web API like get, post, put and delete

To simplify things for new developer to understand we have split into four parts (get, post, put and delete), Also adding all other .Net Web Api realted questions like Security / Authentication etc.

Learn Web API Post, Put, Get, Security, Rest

In following Web API examples you will learn how to create Web API, Security Implementation, and Deployment and how to make call to Web API from different application

Learn Asp.Net Web API Development in C#

You can return different type of content from web API, check authorization

Return HTML content using Web API method
public ActionResult<string> Get(int id)
    string _result = "<b>Return HTML content using Web API method </b>";
    return _result;

Let's learn how you can return html content like form, images, templates from Web API

You may also learn how to create Web API application with Asp.Net Core

Asp.Net Web API Tutorial
Learn Web API: creating API using C# .Net, post, update, delete, read using .net API, set security, check authentication, testing.

C# web service interview questions

Learn API development