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MySql Tutorial for Beginners

This MySql Tutorial for Beginners will guide you to learn MySql Database Development with some real-time examples. Please feel free to ask question, I will keep updating this tutorial with answer of your query

MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS). It is open-source and free.

In this tutorial you will learn MySql database, how to create database then creating table, view, trigger, inserting data into table, updating database object etc.

If you don't have MySQL database in your local environment, then download and install MySql right version for your operating system

Learn MySQL database objects

  • MySql database

    Creating new mysql database using script, renaming database, dropping database, taking database backup with data.

  • Set user permission

    Creating database user and grating permission, revoking permission etc.

  • MySql table

    Creating table, inserting, updating, deleting records, setting child parent relationship , altering table name etc.

  • MySql view

    Creating view, altering and dropping view, renaming view, setting permission to view etc.

  • MySql Trigger

    Understanding concept of different type of triggers, writing new trigger, dropping trigger

  • MySql Stored Procedure

    Creating new stored procedure in mysql, calling stored procedure from another procedure, altering procedure, renaming stored procedure.

  • MySql Transaction

    Setting transaction block in mysql queries , commit and rollback transaction

  • MySql Error Handling

    Implementing error handling in mysql queries , reading error details

Why MySQL is so popular !

MySQL is becoming more popular for various reasons, here are some points

  • MySQL is an open-source database, you don't have to pay a single penny to use it.
  • MySQL is a very powerful database management system, it can handle a large amount of data and complex functionality
  • MySQL supports many operating systems and compatible with all major programming languages like PHP, Python, PERL, C++, JAVA, .Net etc.
  • MySQL uses a standard SQL, which is easy to learn and query syntax are very similar to any other SQL
  • MySQL supports large number of rows (up to 50 million rows) in a table
  • Now MySQL is owned by Oracle, so in terms of future enhancement there will be enough support, you can depend on mysql for product development
Things to learn in this MySQL Tutorial

Mysql is one of the most popular open source RDBMS, there are various versions and enough supporting documents for different development environment, check mysql documentation as per your development requirement.

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