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Are you looking for experienced Asp.net developer at affordable price? I provide "Asp.net web application development service" using different asp.net framework.

freelance asp.net mvc developer
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Asp.net MVC Developer

Hire me for custom asp.net web application development service, interested working in long term project, have working experience in different type of business domain line, ecommerce, digital ads, health care product development, HR application development, education, hotels business online etc.

"Experienced Asp.net MVC developer freelance is ready to work remotely as extended team member!"

freelance Asp.net developer

Key Skills and Experience

I have 15+ years of experience in web application development; have played various roles in SDLC, i can work on Citrix or any other remote development environment, familiar with CMM level development practice, have worked with remote team in many earlier projects.

key skills: asp.net, asp.net mvc, asp.net core, c#, ado.net, linq, entity framework, MS SQL Database, html, css, javascript.

Also can help in creating all type of documentation, from requirement gathering, high level documentation, business object relationship document, low level document like database object design, sequence diagram etc.

I am looking for long-term project, especially interested in product development.

Hire Asp.net developer freelancer remotely

Do you want to hire remote asp.net developer freelancer on contract for long term projects?

We can work as a remote .net C# developer for your project can deliver project on time, you will have complete transparency for your project, and you can get updated code base on regular basis, so everything will remain under your control.

We provide asp.net web application development solution using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Asp.Net, Asp.net MVC, Asp.net Core, SQL Database, C# .Net, LINQ, Entity Framework, professional service by experienced developer.

You can get reliable asp.net development services with faster turnaround times, No Risk and better ROI.

My Works: using HTML, CSS bootstrap, Javascript, Asp.net MVC, C#, SQL, Entity Frmaework, SQL Server.

Firstly, this is my personal blogging platform, you can check free tutorials on various web development technologies, i write many tutorials with development code and best practices.

I am also working on few core products in following two areas.
  • eCommerce Framework development using Asp.net MVC, C# SQL

    Ecommerce framework development: VTechis is a ecommerce framework written in asp.net MVC c# with MS SQL as backend, a compact ecommerce web site development framework for small and medium business, can setup ecommerce very quickly, learn more about ecommerce development service.

  • HR Tech system development using Asp.net MVC, C# SQL

    HR Technology Development : Applicant Tracking System is also known as ATS, a perfect solution for recruitment service provider, can help any recruitment company to build their recruitment business brand and reduce the operation cost by 28 to 37%., you can check more about ATS Solutions, also can hire me for any type of HR application development.

I have good experience in designing, developing and scaling asp.net based application; can help you developing large enterprise application from scratch.

Domain Interest: Real-estate Property, Health Care Product, Human Resource System.

Specially interested working in HealthCare product development (I have experience in working for USA based large HealthCare SaaS product development company AHM Direct during my job in AGS [Hyderabad])

Apart from developing your product, I also can help in designing digital strategy to ensure your product visibility on various search engines, to make them ready for digital competition with other similar products.

Contact me for any Asp.Net development work
Experienced Asp.net Developer
Digital Transformation Help
If you want to hire an experienced asp.net developer for any fix duration, please contact me, I have decades of development experience using different asp.net framework, as a .net development manager I can also help managing a team of developers remotely, and getting your development work done.
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We provide custom application development solution using Asp.net C# SQL
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If you are looking for remote Asp.Net developer for long term project, i can work as extended team remotely.

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