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Guest Blogging Sites 2020

Guest blogging sites that accept to guest posting!

If you want to blog-post as guest on other's website, here are some top guest blogging websites that accept gust posting, some of them may have very selective categories for guest posting.

Guest posting websites

But before you go through my list of guest posting sites, I wish you think little deeper, make sure you are posting really good quality meaningful, relevant content on other's website, because poor guest blogging can backfire on you.

Why guest posting important?

Why do you want to do guest posting? to get some backlink to your site? and you think that will help your site to rank better in search result.

Have you ever thought how those guest blogging backlinks will create value for your site and for others?

Tomorrow Google may change their ranking system, they may provide less priority to "number of backlinks" that one website has, but if you post some good content somewhere, people would enjoy reading the content always, no one can stop that, so if the content posted by you, many people will check your website and will wait for next post to be published.

Guest blogging success factors

So, it's not just the "number of backlinks" , it’s the "quality of content" you post on other site as a guest, will decide the success factors

Guest blogging can help you to get good quality traffic only if you do it right.

So before you post anything on other’s website, ask following questions to yourself..

  • What value are you adding to their blog content
  • Is your post relevant to that blog / discussion?
  • Is your post repetitive? Or been said by some other guest blogger in the same post?

Best Guest Blogging Websites

  1. Entrepreneur
  2. Socialmediatoday
  3. Business Insider
  4. Tech Crunch
  5. Inc Magazine
  6. The Guardian
  7. Copyblogger
  8. Forbes
Entrepreneur is one of the top online business magazine for entrepreneurs which publishes business news on various topics like tech, start-ups, wealth, finance and many subjects related to entrepreneurship.

If you want to become a contributor, you can send your article to contributor(at)

Global Ranking: 6,548, Monthly visitors 12 million plus

Submit blog to Entrepreneur.Com

Social Media Today

Submit Guest blogging post


Business Insider is one of the very reputed business information portal with many country specific domain, it publishes expert level analysis on various subject like business, technologies, politics, strategy, science etc.

You need to be really expert on your topic, make sure your advice post is really well articulated, you can send your draft to contributors(at)

Global Ranking: 11,214, Monthly visitors 4 million plus

Contribute to BusinessInsider


TechCrunch is very popular among entrepreneur community for its start-up and technology news. This platform sometimes seeks out guest posts, and they clearly mention what they want, their monthly themes at the below link. You can pitch your story, if you do well, you can become a regular contributor. Visit "Got a tip"

Global Ranking: 3,377, Monthly visitors 23 million plus

Submit if you "Got a tip"

guest blogging at techcrunch

Inc talk about various aspect of small business, like different technologies, start-ups, innovation, money, podcasts, business growth etc.

Global Ranking: 4,178, Monthly visitors 19 million plus

Submit blog post to

Submit your blog post to


Forbes is probably the most prestigious online business journal, which accepts and publishes only best quality content for various businesses like technology, innovation, lifestyle, money, marketing, branding etc, so when you are thinking of posting your blog in Forbes, you must be exceptionally professional about your subject matter. Your content must be original, you can send your article to ideas(at)

Global Ranking: 429, Monthly visitors 108 million plus

Share a News Tip with Forbes

Submit your blog post to Forbes


Copyblogger is the place for content marketing education, they are offering “Premium Content Marketing Education” the company was started at 2006, the blog is very clean, well written and organised. So, your blog post needs to meet or exceed their standards before they accept your post. You may also learn many things from different content marketers like you on that website.

Global Ranking: 90,413, Monthly visitors 1 million plus

Submit your blog post to Copyblogger

guest blog posting site Copyblogger


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By the way, we also accept guest posting!


Guest Blogging Sites

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