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SEO Course Online for beginners, and small business owners. Learn Search engine optimization from scratch step by step, Practical SEO Training by expert.

After learning this course, you will be able to start your online business and help others for SEO.

Why to join SEO Training Course?

This SEO course is for Entrepreneur, small business owner and students who wants to become SEO professional or digital marketing professional, SEO is the backbone of any online business, with the help of powerful SEO strategy one can build any online business from scratch without spending money on any other online advertisement.


SEO Course Content

Here is the quick overview of what we teach in our seo courses.

SEO Overview
  1. SEO Concept
  2. How SEO works
  3. How to use Google Webmaster Tools
  4. How to use Bing Webmaster Tools
  5. Importance of Sitemap file
  6. Importance of Robot.txt
  7. How search engine crawl any webpage
Implementing SEO
  1. Keywords and meta tags
  2. Social media tags
  3. White Hat SEO
  4. On-page optimization
  5. Internal Linking
  6. Keyword Density Analysis
  7. Implementing schema tag in web page
  8. Importance of Headers
Finishing SEO Service
  1. SEO friendly Content Creation
  2. Web page basic structure
  3. Images that help in SEO
  4. Various plugins to check SEO
  5. Finding SEO mistake using different tools
  6. Keywords research technique and tools
  7. Back link building importance and strategy
  8. Understanding RSS structure
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