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Backlink checker tools are required when we want to find list of those sites, which are linking to our website. In my earlier post i explained What is backlink? in this post we learn how to find backlinks, because, what content you have in your site and who are linking to your website, are the most important factors in Google ranking.

check backlinks

Website backlinks are one of the key factors in success of your online business from organic traffic of your website. Good back links are very helpful in gaining more quality traffic; on the other hand, bad or spam baclinks are very dangerous for your website, those type of back links can bring down your traffic drastically, if you don’t check them periodically and update to disavow list.

Now let's understand how to find backlinks details whether they are good or bad, to know that, you must keep checking back link report periodically, you must know how to find bad backlinks of website, here are some tools and tips that can help you to do the same.

Tools for checking website backlinks

Here are some free and paid online tools for checking website backlinks, if you want to find your website backlinks on regular basis, the following online tools excellent, you can start using free, get details backlinks report, if you like you can go for paid version or continue using free!

  1. SemRush

    SemRush backlink checker tool is one of the most efficient tools in SEO world that can help efficiently finding back links for your website; this tool can easily help finding low quality back links those are harmful for your site.

    semrush backlink checker tools

    SemRush offers one month free trial, grab this opportunity to explore the tools.

    The tools will allow you to search every back links with complete page url, those are pointing to your website, you can search and sort with date range, one link per domain or all links, category, new backlinks etc.

    If you are new to semrush, you should look at this guide called Grow website traffic using SEMrush tools, that will help you to get started with using this excellent SEO tools.

  2. Google Search Console

    Log into your Google search console, click on “Links” from left navigation, then in right hand side you will see a section with title “Top linking sites”.

    google back links checker

    Google search console provide free backlinks checker tools that can help in finding all the sites that are providing back links to your site, it also shows number of backlinks coming from each site.

    Google keeps on updating the list periodically, most of the time links from spam sites are automatically ignored, but sometimes the tools cannot understand the bad links, so you need to check and manually take the action by adding to disavow file.

  3. AHref Backlink Checker

    This is another powerful backlink checker tool that allow you to know domain and page-level metrics for any targeted website, this tool will show the details backlink report with important attributes like Domain Rating, URL Rating etc.

    ahref backlink checker

    You can check any website URL, by default it search domain including all sub domains, but you can specify any only domain or any subsection to see the insightful SEO metrics.

    You can try this tool for Free or to experiment full features for just 7 days trial for 7$

  4. Linkgraph

    Linkgraph is also another very useful toxic backlinks checker tool, this tool can help to improve your SEO with data driven analysis.

    linkgraph backlink checker

    If you are looking for comprehensive information of your website back link report, then this tool can identify any poor quality links and toxic links that can harm your website performance, so you can identify and take action.

Now if you are thinking which one is the best, and worth investing in, then either you experience each tool to see the result , or, you have to trust public review, for me after doing some research and my own experience I feel SemRush is undoubtedly one of the best backlink checker tools in market. Try SemRush Free.

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