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There are many platform that will allow to create free website very quickly, most of those platform say they provide free website, actually they provide free for only few days, then they will ask you to upgrade plan, otherwise you won't be able to use that for your business purpose.

create free website

Free Website Builder
  • Google My Business

    Google provide a platform for creating free website, you should defiantly create a website on this platform, because this website will get indexed in search engine very quickly and help you getting customer queries from local business, you can use this platform for free forever.

  • Wordpress.Com

    Wordpress is one of the most popular blog and website creation site in world, you can easily create a stunning website for no cost, there are many free themes available, the platform provide a free control panel to mange and publish unlimited content, and you also can buy a domain and map your blog to domain, which will look like a professional website.

  • WebNode

    This platform will allow you to create a stunning website, they have many beautiful free templates, also have premium templates, you can design a beautiful website for free, but you need to buy a domain to publish them.

  • WIX

    WIX is another platform for creating free website just by drag and drop, WiX also allow you to publish your website on a free sub domain on their platform, then you can upgrade or transfer the site , they have very user-friendly interface to manage or edit the site.

  • Yola

    Yola is another platform for creating free professional website in minutes.

  • Website.Com

    Another very good platform for launching your free website, it provides free domain name, free website builder, free web hosting, free ecommerce too, you can consider this platform as one of the best choice.

But in this article I will tell you how you can create your Free website, yes free forever! Build your simple website in your local machine and modify them as per your business need, so the site will remain free forever, and you will have complete control over the site, yes, you need to host it somewhere, but that will cost you very minimum money.

How to create website free of cost

How to create free website for business owner, Professionals, Students

Here I want you learn how to create a website on your own, you don't need to look for any tools or seeking any help to create a webpage. You can create a responsive webpage without depending on any one.

This article is for small and medium size business owner, professionals and students, who wants to create website free but has following doubts / hesitation about how to do!

  • How the website look like, what to put up on website, idea is not yet clear
  • whether it will work or not
  • What would be the website designing cost
  • whether he will have control over the site
  • what if any changes required in future

To answer above all these uncertainty and doubt, and finally how to build website successfully, I am writing this article!

Learn free website designing step by step

First understand why you want to create a website, you defiantly have some goal in mind, you may not have 100% clarity on your thought, but that will come eventually.

Write down all your thought on a paper, what you want your viewer to see on your website, Yes write on plain paper this way.

  • Title of the Page, should be within 60 characters.
  • Punch line or sub title if you can think of
  • What picture you want to display first, select 3/4 beautiful pictures that will convey your business.
  • What would be the name of your website, keep it short, so every can remember and type without spelling mistake
  • Do you have any products or services ? or you want to create about some Hobby? or you want to provide some Tuition service?
  • As you are creating website for first time, I think four pages would be enough (Home[index page], About, Contact, Service), Do you need anything more? you can do later, let's start

After doing this above task, you will have enough idea about your website, right !

Now let's understand the webpage structure, slightly technical, but don’t worry, you will be able to do that.

In basic website designing there are only two skill required HTML and CSS Style, here we do some basic page designing, so you can understand, then slowly you can learn HTML and CSS Style.

create a html website free code

Create a page in plain notepad (if you don't have any html editor), save the page with .html extension

Now if you look at the above structure, there are Head and Body.

Head - Contain information like page title and meta description etc. this information will not appear on browser, these are purely for search engine to find the page

Body – Contain information about what everyone see on browser, notice how to write image tag for showing picture on your webpage, then Html Tags like H1, Div etc. In above picture you can see how inline CSS Style can be written on web page

Here is code you need in your webpage header
<title>This is your page title</title>
<meta name="description" content="this is a short description about your webpage,
so search engine can find your page" />

Now let's look at the body code.

Note: Here we have added inline CSS code, though this is not best practice, but this will be the best way for you to learn CSS quicker

Top Navigation Start
<div style="padding:15px;background-color:#0094ff;font-size:28px;text-align:center;">
This is your page title for Viewer, this will remain common for all pages
Top Navigation End, Left Navigation Start
<div style="min-height:500px;float:left;width:18%;">
<div>About Us</div>
<div>Contact Us</div>
Left Navigation End, Page Main Container Start
<div style="min-height:500px;float:left;width:80%;">
<h1>Page header </h1>
<div style="margin:10px;padding:10px;font-size:15px;">
Write a short description about your website with some nice picture
<img src="imagefolder/image-name.jpg" alt="image title" />
Page Main Container End
<div style="clear:both;"></div>

Now here is the code for your HTML page

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns=""> Place the Head code here Place the Body code here                

Remember to save the file with .html extension

So this is how you can create free website for business, you can change anytime, don't have to depend on anybody, All you need a simple Notepad or download Notepad++ and some patience, and this way one day you may become professional web designer, Learn HTML and CSS Style for Free

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