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Do you want to learn digital marketing? Here we recommend some best digital marketing course by experienced trainers, at the same time, sharing many free tutorials on digital marketing, so you can read them before starting any course! Or Book Online Course

Here, before i talk about digital marketing courses, first i recommend you to go though my free tutorials and guides about how to grow your online business, trust me, you will learn a lot about digital marketing without spending a single penny, then i recommend you some short duration digital marketing courses.

Here are some very good free digital marketing resources !

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Why should learn digital marketing course?

Digital marketing skill has tremendous demand in job market and going to grow day by day. Digital marketing skill has tremendous demand in job market and going to grow day by day, because every small business going online, not because of trends, because of necessity! they cannot depend on traditional ways of doing business, even local business has been highly influenced by digitalization.

Therefore, digital marketing demand will be more in future, and the field is very complex and competitive.


Who can join this digital marketing course?

Anyone who wants to learn digital marketing for their career path, Specially for all marketing professionals, MBA students, small business owner!

This digital marketing course will defiantly help them to grow in future and also building their own online business effectively.

Digital Marketing Course Content
Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  1. Basic of Marketing
  2. Digital Marketing Metrics and Channels
  3. Introduction to basic HTML tags for creating header, short summary using right font size
Setting Up Website Presence
  1. Designing and Building Web Presence
  2. Creating right theme with images
  3. Creating service content with right keywords
  4. Creating right content strategy for product and services
  5. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Setting up site for Google and Bing
  1. Setting up Google Webmaster Tools
  2. Setting up Bing Webmaster Tools
  3. Implementing Google Analytics and understanding the matrix
  4. Creating Google Ads
  5. Ads customization for best result for any specific zone
Creating awareness using multiple channel
  1. Creating social media pages on various social media to match the trend
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Creating customised digital asset for different channel
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Before joining any digital marketing course, check these free tutorials on various aspect of internet marketing, Following tutorials will cover many things about digital marketing, like one-page marketing, email marketing, digital marketing for small business, affiliate marketing in details.

Or, You can check Free Digital Marketing Tutorial

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