Backlinks building strategy for website

Here you learn how to get high quality backlinks to your website, why backlinks are important for SEO, how does it help in SEO ranking!

How to create high quality Backlinks

Backlinks are simply hyperlinks from other websites to your web site, so more number of web sites give you a link back, is good for your website for search engine ranking .

Backlinks indicates recommendation from others, that means more website give your website a link, means they are recommending you, telling search engines that your web site is important, thus helps in search engine ranking, So Backlinks are very important to be on first page of Google search result.

Get quality backlinks for new website

Let's learn how to build high-quality backlinks , especially when your web site is just new, have no reputation!

Initially, no one will be willing to give you backlink from their site, (but that does not mean you should stop trying to get link from good website), it’s really hard to convince a good website to get a back link from their site.

It takes good amount time and effort to get quality backlinks, you have to make sure your website is matured and looks perfect with quality information before you send a backlink request to any reputed web site.

Till the time your website earns some reputation, here are some easy way to create quality backlinks from web 2.0 blog posting sites , this is the most authentic way to create quality backlinks that will drive traffic towards your website and boost up your search engine ranking.

Top Backlinks Blogs Web 2.0 Sites

What is Web 2.0 submission?
Web 2.0 submission websites are actually blogs with very high domain authority where you can create your own blog and build a back link on them, and more often you keep posting fresh content on those blogs which will link back to your web site, blogs can really help developing in good backlinks building strategy.

Following blogging platform cab help you generating high quality backlinks free

Get backlinks by guest posting

Guest posting is another authenticate way to get quality backlinks, you don’t have to depend on anything, even if your website is not yet matured or half-done, still you can start writing post on others blog and website about various things, make sure you find out only relevant sites or blogs for guest posting, so other site owner also feels that the information your posting on discussion is relevant to their business line.

You must be thinking how to find relevant sites or blog for guest blogging!
just type the topic or keyword you’re looking to target into Google, After searching on Google you can quickly check on top 20 search results and other relevant sites

Use social media for generating good quality Backlinks

Participating in social forum can really help you to get good quality backlinks to your website, this is also an opportunity to interact with subject matter of your industry and active user from different background, you can consider this approach for creating brand awareness
Here are few good platforms you can start with

You should actively participate in above forums; all users are authenticated and will read your post content, and some of them may refer your site in their post if your site is content-rich or active service provider.

And the good things is that you know immediately who are interacting with you, that may lead to potential business in future.


How to identify and remove bad backlinks

As you know, backlink building is always good for SEO, it really helps in better positioning in search engine ranking, however, bad backlinks can harm your website in search engine positioning, so you must find out all bad and spam links and stop them to link to your website

You can find out all back links using backlink analytics tools, then create a list of all those backlinks and upload to webmaster disavow tool.

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