How to Increase Page Authority

You probably know Page Authority and Domain Authority are two important benchmarks for your SEO Success.

What is Page Authority?

Page Authority indicates the strength of any individual page. and Domain Authority indicates predictive ranking strength of any domain with all subdomains under it.

page authority and domain authority

Who decides page authority and domain authority?

There are many different SEO tools, which has some measurement metrics to find authority of any website depending on various parameters.

Page Authority vs Domain Authority

MOZ Tool is the most popular and first tool to provide functionality of finding domain and page authority.

Page Authority is the Website page's credibility score defined by MOZ Tool. Page Authority is calculated based on few SEO parameters.

Page Authority of Website

Based on inbound link’s quality and page content quality the page authority of your website will be determined by a scoring system developed by Moz.

Google and any other search engine loves good content and even readers also love to read thoughtful rich content, so always try to post some meaningful good content on your website, not necessarily stuffed with keywords

Here is the link of MOZ tool to check the page authority of website this by tracking the page authority of each one of your web pages, which is another scoring system developed by Moz.

Domain Authority and Page Authority is Not Same

Though in SEO our ultimate goal is to improve domain authority, but we must understand the Page Authority can be calculated separately, each page of any web site can have different page authority, and as combine strength the domain authority is calculated.

How Moz Calculate Page Authority?

Domain Authority and Page Authority score are calculated by MOZ tool depending on various factors, but here are few very important qualities that has major impact on improving Domain Authority.

5 Simple Steps To Increase Domain Authority

So now you know What is Page Authority, and how the scoring is done! , now probably you are thinking how you can Improve Page Authority Ranking for your website ...right?

Here are few logical proven ways to increase domain authority of website

  1. Write quality content about your product and service, make the content interesting for readers.
  2. Use some good quality pictures with content. Readers may like to share visual content more than the written content.
  3. Publish the content with catchy headline; remember headline may help to draw reader's attention. More interesting the headline is; the more successful content page will be.
  4. Share the line with maximum number of social media, blogs etc. this will create quality back links to the page.
  5. Make sure the page you created, has social sharing button on it, like we have on right side, so that readers can easily share the article with their network.

There is another tool where can you check Page Authority developed by Sitechecker

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