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AI Tutorials for Beginners

Before we start learning AI, we should know some overview about artificial intelligence, which will help us to know where we can use AI, what all skill-set required to become an AI professional.

In this AI tutorial for beginners, we start with machine learning examples of artificial intelligence using C# and python.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

"It is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. It is related to the similar task of using computers to understand human intelligence, but AI does not have to confine itself to methods that are biologically observable" - John McCarthy (Father of AI)

Machine Learning Tutorial for Beginners

Artificial intelligence is known as AI, is the simulation of human thinking pattern or intelligence processed by computer systems, often termed as machine learning,( though there is some difference between two )

Core areas of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the combination of science and technology based on multiple disciplines, here are some core pillars of AI

Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Physiology, Philosophy, Statistics

So we may focus on one or multiple areas depending on what type of Application we want to build using AI

Different Stages of Artificial Intelligence

As we know that in Artificial intelligence, we are trying to simulate human thinking in machine using different type of algorithm, so you may have an obvious question how much progress we have made so far! To give us a better understanding of progress, researchers (scientists) have classified AI milestones into different dimension

  • Superintelligence (machine>human)

    The concept of Superintelligence is that some day we may design and build machines that surpass the human intellect, (Superintelligence is just an imagination with real-time data and current study), some researchers believe and predict that at certain stage in future, machines will become smarter than human; that may happen in between 2060 and 2100, some scientists believe that will never happen.

  • General Artificial Intelligence (machine==human)

    General AI means that at some point a machine will have the same cognitive abilities as a human being. this state is also know as Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Some researchers believe we will reach at that stage by 2050

  • Narrow Artificial Intelligence (machine<=human)

    Narrow AI also termed as Weak AI, Many current AI systems can be classified as narrow AI, and Narrow AI is a type of artificial intelligence where technology outperforms humans in some very narrowly defined task, narrow artificial intelligence focuses on a single subset of cognitive abilities and carryout the task more efficiently than human. Here are some Narrow AI applications we are using in our daily life.

  • Machine Learning

    Is Machine learning and AI is the same thing? Not exactly, machine learning is a subset of AI, you can say all machine learning (ML) is AI, but all AI is not machine learning, AI is the bigger picture, ML is one part of that.

Now let's understand some subsets of Artificial Intelligence, while learning AI, you may be interested in some of those areas based on your project requirement.

  • Machine Learning
  • Machine learning C# Tutorial
  • Machine Learning regression analysi C#
  • Deep Learning

    Deep learning is part of machine learning, and a type of neural network, which try to simulate the behavior of human brain, it learns from large amount of data, and then predict future tendency of same human behavior.

  • Neural Networks

    neural networks is simulated neuron network of human brain, based concept of how biological neuron send signal to another neuron, artificial neural networks is a subset of machine learning, learn more about neural networks.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Natural language processing often termed as NLP, is a part of artificial intelligence, NLP helps computers to understand, interpret human language. It helps to fill the gap between human communication language and computer understanding. natural language processing is the subset of computational linguistics, learn more about NLP.

  • Cognitive

    Cognitive (processes of thinking and reasoning), cognition refers to "the process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through experience".

  • Machine learning Python Tutorial
Narrow Artificial Intelligence Applications

Here are some lists of Narrow AI we are using in our daily life

  • Siri - Apple's personal assistant app
  • Alexa - from Amazon, It can help us to schedule appointments, set alarms, and many other regular activities
  • Amazon's transactional A.I
  • Netflix - Recommend movie using highly accurate predictive technology based on user's reactions to movie
  • Google Lens- shows how AI can make life easier

Let’s understand key components of AI and what type of application can be developed using AI

What is Artificial Intelligence?
To understand artificial intelligence, one should must read the story of how AI works, where dataset plays key role, on which AI algorithm runs and predict the future behaviours, the concept of train data and test data.
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