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Div tag in HTML, Online HTML Tutorial

Div tag is like a container, is one of very popular and often used tag in web designing, Div has no shape on its own, but with style properties it can make the page beautiful, div can be of various shape and style, we can replace table tag with div for light responsive web designing.

HTML Div Tag Example

This is how Div Tag look like : <div>some text here</div>

Now we try different look of div tag with the help of style
Here are some text in Div

In above Div example we have written some in-line css style, like we have written following code

<div style="width:80%;font-size:24px;background-color:#f00;color:#fff;">... text appear here </div>
Instead of writing inline CSS we also can call a class from external style sheet file

Div tag in HTML, Online HTML Tutorial

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