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Submit a website to search engines step by step

Submit your new website to search engines

Here we share some tips about "how to submit a brand new website to search engine". You can optimise your new website for search engine without spending any money. You can do it like a professional.

Optimize Meta Information

Optimize meta infromation of each page using right keywords combination , before you submit your website to any search engine.

If you are not very sure about what keywords to be used on each page, do some research using keywords research tool , knowing right set of keywords is very important.

Here is an example
<meta name="description" content="How to submit a new website to search engines, search engine submission sites, optimise your new website for search engine without spending any money." />
  • page title
  • meta description
  • category
  • image alt
  • image title
  • link title
  • H1, H2,H3

above elements are very important, so set them with right keywords. look and feel you can keep on changing any time, but search engine attributes should be well optimized, because it takes lots of time to be read by search engine crawler.

On-page optimization is one of the key factors in successful digital marketing

Create a sitemap.xml

Create a sitemap.xml file in root of your project, include maximum number of important pages in your site map file.

Below are few good website to create a new sitemap for free.

  • xml-sitemaps.com
  • xmlsitemapgenerator.org
  • smallseo-tools.com/xml-sitemap-generator

Make sure your all pages in sitemap are browse-able.

Create a RSS Feeds (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary)

Rss file will give you an options for distributing your content with your multiple audience. RSS Feeds Rss.xml is very useful for feed submitting, this will also help to get your pages indexed in feedsite. feed is a XML-based format for your content.

Below are few good website to create a new sitemap for free.

  • xml-sitemaps.com
  • xmlsitemapgenerator.org

You also can create RSS Feed file manually, below is the sample structure. Remember to save the file with .xml extension.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"? > <rss version="2.0" xmlns:ror="http://rorweb.com/0.1/" >
<channel >
<title >Online Training Asp.Net, Database, Digital Marketing- WebTrainingRoom< /title >
<link >https://www.webtrainingroom.com/< /link >
<item >
<link >https://www.webtrainingroom.com/< /link >
<title >Online Training Asp.Net, Database, Digital Marketing- WebTrainingRoom< /title >
<description >Online Training for Asp.net Web Development, Digital Marketing Training, SQL Database Designing Online Training , Asp.Net MVC Training, One to One Online Training, Asp.net trainer< /description >
<ror:updatePeriod >weekly< /ror:updatePeriod >
<ror:sortOrder >0< /ror:sortOrder >
<ror:resourceOf >sitemap< /ror:resourceOf >
</item >
<item >
<link >https://www.webtrainingroom.com/home/contact< /link >
<title >One to One Asp.Net MVC C# SQL Training Online- WebTrainingRoom< /title >
<description >One to One Asp.Net MVC SQL Training Online, Asp.net Coaching Online, C# Training online< /description >
<ror:updatePeriod >weekly< /ror:updatePeriod >
<ror:sortOrder >1< /ror:sortOrder >
<ror:resourceOf >sitemap< /ror:resourceOf >
</item >
</channel >
</rss >

Submit it to FeedBurner
FeedBurner was once a standalone service (later acquired by Google). The service allows you to track analytics about your RSS feed’s subscribers and activity.

while submitting your feed, it will ask you to login with google account.

Create account in Google Webmasters

Creating account in Google Webmasters is very easy, just log into Google Webmaster with your gmail account

submit website to google webmaster

The above tasks will list all your pages in Google, after few days you can search your pages url in Google search, check if they are appearing, Note, to find the page with keywords in Google search will depend on how nicely your pages are optimized and how much competition you have for those keywords.

You must learn how to use Google Webmaster Tool for better search engine ranking.

Create account in Bing Webmasters

Similarly you can submit your pages to Bing Webmaster, but to submit in Bing, first you need to create an account in Bing or Live.com

Create awareness in Social Media

Now you should start creating awareness in Social Media about your brand / products / service

Below are the important social sites to start with

  • Facebook Page
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Plus
  • Twitter

Professional website submission to search engines

Name Email Website
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