Microsoft SQL Training Course for Beginners

SQL Course Online, Learn Microsoft SQL Database development, MS sql programming training for beginners.

Learn sql database designing and development from scratch, how to create table, write sql query etc.

Who should learn this SQL Course?

Anyone who wants to learn MS SQL Database, Specially for engineering students, working professional, trainee software developer, fresher graduate, software developer, software tester.

SQL Programming Training Course

MS SQL Course Online, Learn MS SQL Database Designing, SQL Database Development, SQL Programming. This Microsoft SQL Training Course will ultimately help you to become SQL Database Professional

A SQL Developer in the United States can earn $92,000, The demand of SQL database developer increasing day by day in India & other countries. SQL Developers are in great demand in every type of companies to work on large databases.

Online SQL Training Benefits
Cost effective, Save time, avoid commuting, More interactive and greater ability to concentrate from the comfort zone, your own home, improves your technical skills
SQL Course Content

Please go through the below SQL course content carefully before joining the course

SQL Course #1: MS SQL Database Introduction
  • MS SQL Database Overview and RDBMS Concept
  • MS SQL Installation
  • Creating New Database
  • Sql Server Authentication Mode
  • Windows Authentication Mode
  • Creating new database user
  • Mapping user to database, setting permission
  • Schema concept
  • Logging with new username to newly created database
SQL Course #2: SQL Database Tables, Keys
  • Understanding SQL data types
  • Create new tables in database
  • Altering and deleting table from database
  • Creating primary key, composite key
  • Primary key and foreign key relation
  • Specifying column length, null or not null
  • Inserting data into tables
  • Updating data, deleting data from table
  • Writing different type of joins
SQL Course #3: SQL Joins and Views
  • SQL Inner join
  • SQL right outer join
  • SQL left outer join
  • Understanding difference between inner join and outer joins
  • Creating views
  • Altering views
  • Droping views
  • Setting permission to view
SQL Course #4: SQL Stored Procedure
  • Writing SQL Stored Procedure, altering and dropping Procedure
  • Altering and dropping Procedure
  • Stored Procedure with parameters
  • Optional Parameters and mandatory parameter s in Stored Procedure
  • Return multiple result sets from Stored Procedure
SQL Course #5: SQL User Defined Function
  • Creating UDF (User Defined Function)
  • UDF with parameters
  • Scalar Functions
  • Table Valued Functions
  • Calling User Defined Function from Stored Procedure
  • Using UDF within Select statement
SQL Course #6: SQL Triggers and cursors
  • Understanding the concept of trigger
  • Create Triggers in SQL
  • Altering and dropping Triggers
  • Instead Of Triggers
  • Understanding concept of nested triggers
  • Implementing error handling in trigger
  • Creating cursors in sql server
  • Looping through records and manipulating or calling udf for each row
SQL Course #7: SQL Data Manipulation Queries
  • Search, Sort and index data using Records
  • SQL Where clause and using like statement
  • SQL If statement
  • SQL Case statement
  • Using Order by clause, Group by, Distinct
  • Using having clause in SQL
  • Using Transaction in SQL
  • Throwing error from transaction failure
  • Security and authentication methods on SQL Server
SQL Course #8: SQL XML and JSON
  • Working with XML Data
  • Working with JSON Data
  • SQL Error handling
SQL Course #9: SQL Data Manipulation
  • Importing excel data into SQL database
  • Fetching data from one table to another
  • Taking SQL Script Backup
  • Checking latest activities as Admin
  • Security and authentication methods on SQL Server
  • Taking SQL Database backups
  • Exporting and Importing Data in MS SQL Database
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