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In this Online PHP Course for beginners, you will learn PHP designing and development step by step, here i guide you how you can become a php developer, what course you should learn, starting from very basic to advanced php programming, also will suggest you some short duration php courses.

Good Php developers are always in demand, because there are plenty advanced web development frameworks are written in php, like wordpress, drupal, facebook developer api etc, and there are many advanced php frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, Zend Framework, FuelPHP, Drupal etc.

Learn php-mysql Programming Course

Anyone who wants to learn Php Development, Specially for engineering students, working professional, trainee software developer, fresher graduate, software developer, software tester.

After leaning this php course, you will be able to develop using php webpages, php application development, how to work with mysql database using php code. this php training course will ultimately help you to become php development professional.

What would be the salary for PHP developer job?

A Php Developer in the United States can earn $92,000, The demand of Php developer increasing day by day in India & other countries. Open source technologies php-mysql is the most demanding skill set nowadays, staring from small size application development to large enterprise system can be developed using php, there are many advance php framework as I specified in beginning, so, as a php developer at any stage, you will always have job opportunities.

Php Course Content

No matter where you learn from, first focus on following basic elements, this will help you to understand php programming from scratch and will give confidence to learn job oriented advanced php courses.

Php Course Basic
  1. Php development Fundamentals
  2. Environment setup using AMPPS
  3. Introduction to PHP
  4. Php with web design
  5. Php syntax
  6. Php variables
  7. Expressions
  8. Conditional logic (if-else, switch)
  9. Php loops
  10. Php functions
  11. Php Array
  12. Date time
  13. Php include file
  14. Php Form submission
Php with Database
  1. Php Form submission
  2. Php exception handling
  3. How to work with database
  4. Php database connection setup
  5. Insert query
  6. Edit / update in database
  7. Fetch data from database
  8. Delete data
  9. Authentication
  10. Authorization
Some Php Advance Topics
  1. Php cookies
  2. Php session
  3. Php class
  4. Php exception handling
  5. Upload file in Php in file system
  6. Delete file from file system
  7. Sending email with Php
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Php Training Online Course

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