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Coding Course for Kids

In this coding course for kids, your kids will learn how to get started with coding using any programming language, this coding exercise is designed for kids of age group 5 to 10 years old, and here every example is demonstrated using two popular programming languages JavaScript and Python.

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Coding exercise for kids

Before you start writing any programming syntax, you need to install respective software development kits often termed as SDK in your local computer.

Please download and install Visual Studio Code (you can use any other SDK). VSCode will allow you to write code in both programming language.

If you are learning coding for the first time, then I recommend you start with JavaScript only, easy to start, no additional installation required.

Free Programming Course for Kids

How to create file?

For each programming language there are different type of SDK, in some programming language we can write code in simple notepad, then save them with different extensions.

Here we have given example in JavaScript and Python; you can start with either one, or if comfortable, start with both simultaneously.

JavaScript file:

Create a file in visual studio, save the file with .js extension, the file will be a javascript file which will accept only javascript syntax.

You can also write JavaScript code in htm / html file using script block like <script></script>

learn more about Javascript coding.

Python file:

Create a file in visual studio, save the file with .py extension, the file will be a python file which will accept only python syntax.

You also can write python code in html page, which can be served on browser with different extension based on what framework you are using, learn more about python programming.

How to write “Hello World” ?

JavaScript Example

Write the following line in .js file and run the code in VSCode

var name="Arnold";
console.write("Hello World, I am "+ name);
Python Example

Write the following line in .py file and run the code in VSCode

print("Hello World, I am "+ name);

How to define a variable and assign value ?

Variable is a temporary storage for holding values within the program, variable can be of different type like string, integer, date etc. (differ in different programming language).

JavaScript variable
var count=10;


let count=10;
Python variable


siteName = "WebTrainingRoom";

How to define a collection variable (known as array)?

Collection variable is useful when you want to keep a collection of values in one variable, like a team (all player in one team), class room (all students in one class) etc.

JavaScript array
const players = ["Ajay", "Akshay", "Amir","Monoj","Ravi"];


var players = new Array();

Learn more about JavaScript Array

Python array
array1 = [0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9] 


array2 = [0 for i in range(5)] 
[0, 0, 0, 0, 0]  

Learn more about Python Array

What is loop? how to work with loop?

Loop is an object structure that runs continuously until all elements are processed, it executes same step again and again repeatedly, till the last element is executed.

For example, we want to display name of all the players in a team, in such situation, we loop through the collection variable where all team members are stored.

JavaScript loop
var players = ["Ajay", "Akshay", "Amir","Monoj","Ravi"];

Learn more about JavaScript Loops

Python loop
players = ["Ajay", "Akshay", "Amir","Monoj","Ravi"];
    for p in players:

Learn more about Python Loops

More Coding Tutorial for Kids:

Teach your kids how to write code!
Coding tutorial for Kids, before your kids join any paid course for learning programming, here are some free tutorials that help them to understand how to write code for real-time programming.
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Coding tutorial for Kids
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