MVC Course using C# Online 2024 MVC Course for beginners and professionals, web application development using MVC C#.

Learn web development using mvc framework, authentication, working with sql database, session, web form designing etc.

Who can join MVC Training!

Anyone who wants to learn MVC Specially for software developer, students, working professional, trainee software developer, fresher graduate, software tester

  • This MVC Course Online training for anyone who wants to become a professional developer
  • College students who are interested in getting familiar with ASP.NET MVC framework
  • Fresher graduates who are interested in getting familiar with ASP.NET MVC framework
  • Fresher graduates who are familiar with ASP.NET WebForms, C#, OOP concepts, ADO.NET DataReader or DataSets will get a lot of benefit from this online ASP.NET MVC training
  • Any developer/programmer coming from other programming languages like PHP, VB6, Delphi, C, C++ or others will get a lot of benefit from this Online Training Course.

What you'll learn in MVC course?

At the end of this MVC course, you will be able to create an MVC application , design form to capture data, work with database, and create all common functionalities using session, authentication, creating master page, partial view, working with model view controller etc. and finally publish the application in local directory. MVC Course Details MVC is a huge framework, so here we are clearly specifying the content we are going to teach you in MVC Course Training.


Set #1 : Introduction To .NET Framework and
  • Understanding ASP.NET LifeCycle, MVC Request
  • Understanding MVC Routing & Creating a RoutingConfig
  • CSS and JavaScript Bundling concept
  • Adding JavaScript reference to view
  • Adding CSS reference to page
  • Understanding web.config file
  • Global.ascx file and events usage
Set #2 : Asp.Net MVC ( Model View Controller )
  • Understanding Views in MVC (Model, view and controller)
  • Razor Syntax (How to mix server c# code in razor syntax)
  • HTML Helper methods to generate HTML in View
  • Using Master Layout.cshtml to maintain consistency
  • Creating Sections using @section in Views
Set #3 : Caching in MVC
  • What is caching in
  • Why caching is useful, how that helps in application performance
  • Different type of caching in .net
  • How to use object caching
  • Setting cache expiration time and date
  • Reading from caching object
Set #4 : MVC Form Validation
  • Understanding Form validation in MVC
  • Server-Side validation using ModelState.IsValid
  • Validation attributes from DataAnnotations [System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations]
  • ValidationMessageFor and ValidationSummary for generating Client-Side
  • Custom Validation attributes & class-level model validation
Set #5 : ViewBag and Session in
  • What is session in
  • How to create session and store information
  • Reading information from session
  • Nullify session object
  • Select Many, Grouping, Joining
  • How to use session data for authentication and authorization
  • Application State in MVC
  • What is ViewBag in MVC?
  • Store information in ViewBag and reading from ViewBag
Set #6 : Ajax form submit and Cookies in
  • What is cookie in .net ?
  • How to create cookie in
  • Write and read from cookie
  • Persistent cookies and non-Persistent cookies
  • Introduction to some of commonly used Html helpers functions
  • Ajax form submit in MVC
  • Introduction to JQuery file, how to use them for form validation
Set #7 : Basic LINQ Syntax
  • Introduction to LINQ query
  • How to work with database objects from entity framework and
  • LINQ keywords and Syntax
  • First, Order, Where Clause
  • Select Many, Grouping, Joining
  • Anonymous Methods
Set #8 : Data Access using Entity Framework
  • Introduction To ADO.NET Entity Framework, Edmx
  • Creating connection string for entity framework
  • Entity creation from Database
  • Understanding Object Relational Mapping
  • CRUD Operation
  • Downloading and Installing Nuget Package Manager Console
Set #9 : Data Access using
  • Understanding objects
  • Creating database connection string
  • Dataset, Datatable creation
  • Command, DataReader, and DataAdapter
  • CRUD Operation using ADO.Net
  • Caching ADO.Net objects
Set #10 : Deployment and IIS Configuration
  • Publishing the Project
  • Create Virtual directory

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Many companies are looking out for MVC Developer, There is demand for MVC Developer, and they are looking for people with knowledge of .Net framework, Razor, Model View Controller, ADO.Net etc. Bright students can have this opportunity to make a career in this area.

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There are various versions of, this course is for MVC 4.6 version, for Core training please check other our training program, in case you want to learn earlier version of ASPX, please check other two courses.
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