Free SEO Audit Tools for Website Analysis

Use free SEO audit tools to improve your website performance for better ranking in search engine, analyse traffic report and hot keywords of competitors, also finding quality and bad back links that will influence your website ranking on search engine.

Free SEO Tools for Website Auditing

The only way to improve your website ranking is checking SEO report how well optimized your website is! If you want more traffic from search engine, you have to follow the website analysis report recommended by few best SEO Report Generator Tools given below.

Seo tools will help you indentifying your thin web pages and pages that are not ranking well in search result, also will help to indentify technical difficulties that are stopping page from performing well. make sure you have followed on-page optimization strategy rightly.

10 Best Technical SEO Audit Tools

Here are some of the top SEO audit tools I have experienced with! this can help you optimizing your website and drive traffic organically.

  1. Seositecheckup
    Seositecheckup - SEO Tool

    SEOsiteCheckup is very good SEO tool, this will analyze website and tell things to be changed for SEO, Accuracy level is good.

    seo site checkup

    This online seo tool will allow you to scan your website and tell you how nicely your seo parameters are optimized, details like meta title test, meta description test, google search results preview test, most common keywords test, keywords usage test, keywords cloud test etc for free

    Check SEOsiteCheckup for free!

    There are some more advanced features for paid user , like related keywords test, competitor domains test etc.

  2. SEMRush

    One of best SEO tools that teach you everything you need to know about search engine optimization and growing online business.

    semrush seo tool

    SEMRush is one of the best Seo audit tool for creating website audit report.

    Semrush gives your every small report about your website that you need to know about improving your search engine ranking.

    Learn how to use SEMRush to drive more traffic to your website.

    You should also check SEMrush Toolkit for SEO

  3. Woorank

    WooRank is a complete SEO tool for online marketing, the tools give you actionable insight that helps to optimize your online sales and marketing efforts

    woorank seo tool

    Woorank is Website Review Tool & SEO Checker. A SEO Analysis Tool to Improve Website Traffic, Conversions and Usability, Very useful for seo professionals, check Woorank.

  4. Seoptimer

    Seoptimer is another SEO Audit Tool provide free SEO analysis! though there are advanced analytical report for paid version, but even the free report will give you enough information to optimize your website for better search result.

    SEO report check

    Search Engines rely on many factors to rank a website, in graphical report it nicely display which area SEO to be improved urgently like Social, Security, Performance, SEO, Mobile Compatibility etc. this tool crawls your website for problems, and recommends clear, easy following tasks with guidance that help you to resolve those issues. it has features like meta tag generator, keyword generator, robots.txt generator, .htaccess file generator, xml sitemap generator etc.

    Perfect for digital agencies and small business owners, try Seoptimer for free to generate website audit report.

  5. Sitechecker

    Sitechecker provide many details that can help to optimize your website, don’t go by Page score, and follow the details recommendation by this tool.

    sitechecker seo tool

    Site has feature called Website Crawler, though the quality is not good enough, however, this SEO tool helps you to indentify some Issues, Critical Errors, and Warnings etc. seo optimization information like missing alt text, twitter card incomplete, open graph url, high external linking, text to code ratio, meta description and title etc will help to optimize your site better for search engine.

  6. Ubersuggest

    Ubbersuggest is another free seo audit tool by well-known SEO expert Neil Patel.

    ubersuggest seo tool

    Ubersuggest provides traffic overview, keywords by traffic , keywords idea etc, which are okay , you should consider checking your website with this tool, but another useful feature is, it finds you the thin pages (page with very less content) from your website, which can be very helpful for you to know and improve those pages.

    Check Ubersuggest is a good SEO Tool, very easy to use.

  7. SEO Tester Online
    SEO Tester Online

    The graphical presentation of SEO report generated by this tool is very different from others and interesting too, simply tells you which are the areas to be improved for SEO of your website.

    seo tester online tool

    SEO Tester Online is for bloggers and professionals,Generates a short but clean graphical report that indicates which are the areas (like Social, Performance, mobile performance, content) to be improved in your webpage SEO.

  8. Seo Webpage Analyzer
    Seo Webpage Analyzer

    Seo Webpage Analyzer is a free SEO tool for content optimisation of your web pages, Easy to use and will help you improve your web page content for good SEO.

    But, this tool still consider < meta name="keywords" /> as a mandatory meta tag, when Google doesn’t take "keywords" meta tag in search consideration anymore.

  9. webfx
    webfx / SEO checker tool

    Webfx is a SEO company provides SEO service like we do, also provide a free tool to check SEO, the tool provide some SEO audits report with on-page, off-page, and technical SEO details, which you may find helpful.

    online seo checker

    Their SEO audit tool takes the page URL you want to check, the Keyword you are optimizing for, you need to provide your contact information to get the seo report.

  10. Free SEO Reports
    Free SEO Reports

    Freeseoreport is a very simple good SEO Tool, very easy to use and it generates good SEO report.

Why SEO Audit important ?

Website SEO audit on regular basis is very important to grow continuously, digital marketing is very competitive, your competitors are continuously optimizing their online presence, so you also should optimize your website to stay on top of competition, SEO Audit reports helps to indentify which are the elements of your website to be optimised

There is something unique about each SEO audit tool, you should try each of them to get the best idea about what all things you need to change in your website and stay ahead in digital competition.


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