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This online javascript programming course for developer and web designer, will cover from very basic to advance usage of JavaScript ES6

Learn JavaScript programming step by step.

javascript course online

We strongly recommend you to go through our Free JavaScript Tutorial Online before you start this JavaScript Course Online.

What you'll learn in this Javascript Developer Course
  • How to write JavaScript code, from very basic, from beginner to an advanced JavaScript developer, creating Js file adding external reference, using them on web pages
  • JavaScript syntax for programming with examples, declaring variables, and Boolean logic, conditional if/else, loops, functions, arrays, etc.
  • Asynchronous JavaScript examples, how to work with event loop, promises, async/await, make AJAX call and APIs
  • An understanding of how JavaScript works, mixing with html, making server side call etc. get element by id and name, css class name

What you learn in JavaScript Training?

JavaScript Course Prerequisites
  • No previous coding experience is necessary to learn this course!
  • You can setup free editor on any computer, but for advance features we recommend to setup Node on your local machine
  • Basic understanding of HTML and CSS would be an advantage, but not mandatory! We provide a 5-minutes HTML and CSS crash course.
JavaScript Course Contents
Chapter #1 : JavaScript Introduction
  • Why JavaScript, an introduction
  • How to write JavaScript
  • Creating JavaScript file
  • JavaScript code block in html file
  • Writing content in DOM using JavaScript
Chapter #2 : JavaScript Function
  • Writing JavaScript Code Block with simple “Hello World” message
  • Creating JavaScript file and adding the reference
  • Declaring variable and assigning values
  • Writing a simple function and calling in button click
  • Writing function with parameter calling function from another function
Chapter #3 : JavaScript String, Number, Date
  • How to work with strings in JavaScript
  • String concatenation, split, finding index, replace etc and some built-in functions
  • work with numbers in JavaScript
  • Work with date and time in JavaScript
  • different ways to form date and time
Chapter #4 : If-Else, Switch case, Loops
  • How to write conditional logic using if else
  • Write switch case, setting default values, break, combine etc.
  • Write JavaScript For loop with real-time example
  • Write JavaScript do-while loop with real-time example
  • For-each loop example, looping through array etc
Chapter #5 : Advance JavaScript Syntax
  • Some advance JavaScript Syntax, introduction to ES6
  • Different ways to write Arrow function in JavaScript
  • JavaScript Promise example
  • Asynchronous JavaScript function example
  • JSON data structure introduction
Chapter #6 : Introduction to External JavaScript Libraries
  • JQuery Introduction
  • How to use JQuery with few examples
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