Web Design Short Course: Training Online

Learn web designing systematically, Web design short course for everyone, This web design training course is designed for people who wants to learn basic web designing for their personal and professional growth, "10 hours in 10 days" web design course to learn html, CSS, JavaScript.

Best Web Designing Training for Beginners
Who should join this Web Design Training?

This web design course will be very useful for everyone, students, professional who wants to start web-designing carrier, working professional, parents or anyone, nowadays everything is happening online, so we all must know how to create a webpage and upload our content on internet, this is now necessity for our daily life, this skill will help you in every stage.

This basic web page designing skill will open up many other professions for you.

Why to learn in this Web Designing Course

You will learn everything about web designing from scratch, how to understand client requirement, set the business goal, creating page with SEO friendliness, applying style sheet, creating form etc.

Set 1: Web Designing Training Course
  • Fundamental concepts of HTML pages
  • How page is designed and hosted
  • different type of html editors
  • how you can edit some exisitng design
  • difference between dynamic page and static page (here you learn static page creation)
  • How to choose sober color combination for web page designing
  • Layout creation
Set 2: Web Design Training Course
  • Creating navigation, linking text, images etc.
  • Create Web Form to capture data from visitors
  • Working with images and media files
  • All important html tags
  • HTML 5 Tags
Set 3: Web Design Training Course
  • Basic SEO friendliness overview
  • All important tags for SEO within header
  • Important SEO tags body
  • what is sitemap? how to create sitemap
Set 4: Web Design Training Course
  • Concept of Master page layout
  • Different usage of DIV Tags
  • Different usage of SPAN Tags
Set 5: Web Design Training Course
  • Introduction to CSS Style sheet
  • How to write class in CSS
  • Difference between class and id
  • Creating CSS for different type of HTML element
Using CSS in Web Designing
  • How to write CSS
  • How to write Inline CSS
  • Create on-page CSS class
  • CSS external file reference
  • Using CSS framework Bootstrap
  • what is responsive web design
  • hover effect
  • hyperlink css design
Using JavaScript in Web Designing
  • Basic JavaScript
  • Javascript if else
  • Javascript switch case
  • Loops in Javascript
  • Javascript Validation
  • Javascript function
  • JQuery Overview
  • Using JavaScript framework like JQuery

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Online Training Benefits

Learning online is the best way to learn, not just because of present COVID situation, because you will be using this web designing skill to build something online for tomorrow, so why not start learning online!

Cost effective and Save time! Concentrate from the comfort zone, improves your technical skills.

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