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HTML and CSS Course for Beginners, this course will give your all the practical knowledge you need to master HTML and CSS easily and quickly, so you can design your own beautiful web pages.

Without CSS style any webpage will look like just plain text with some images, using CSS you can add color , different sizes, background images and make them stunning!

Learn CSS Online Training

Before you start with this CSS Course, we strongly recommend learning HTML from Free HTML Tutorial, without knowing HTML you will never understand how to apply CSS on web page and see the output.

CSS Course Content

CSS Course #1 : Introduction To CSS style sheet
  • What is CSS
  • How to create CSS files
  • Write CSS on HTML Page
  • In-line CSS
CSS Course #2 : CSS Layout Concept
  • How to create layout, CSS for key element
  • Dynamic class for html element
  • Margin, Padding, Border, Shape etc.
  • Visible, Hide html element using CSS
  • Adding CSS files and Scripts etc.
CSS Course #3 : Basic CSS Attributes
  • Background: image, Color, Padding, Margin, Style
  • Font color, size, line-height, letter spacing, font- family etc
  • Video tag, size, source
  • Anchor tag or Hyperlink style for active, hover etc
  • Writing CSS Class and ID
CSS Course #4 : Responsive Web Designing and Bootstrap CSS
  • What's responsiveness (concept)!
  • How to design responsive CSS class
  • Bootstrap CSS Basic classes
  • Bootstrap 12 column concept
CSS Course #5 : CSS Positioning
  • Float, Absolute, Fix example
  • Building a “sticky” navigation - Part 1
  • Fix Menu on Top
  • Hover effect
  • The CSS box model

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