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Online Python programming course for beginners, Learn Python console application development using mysql database step by step. You will learn python fundamental and Python Object -Oriented Programming (OOP) skill.

[In this python course, you will learn python console application building with all following features]

Python is the most demanding programming language, there are endless opportunities for a good python programmer, here i will guide you how you can learn python programming from scratch, also recommend you some short duration python courses which can help you getting good job.

Who to learn python course?

This python course is designed for beginners and there are some advanced courses for experienced professional who wants to upgrade their skill for machine learning and data science.

Therefore, whether you have programming experience or not, does not matter, you can start from scratch, learn everything that you need to become a python programmer.

However, there are some advanced courses like python data science course, machine learning with python etc, for those courses you need to have basic programming fundamental clear, otherwise will be little difficult to understand.

Python Course Content

Here are the key elements you will be learning as beginner, then followed by some advanced python programming courses.

Install and Setup Python
  1. Download python installer compatible with your operating system
  2. Python for Windows
  3. Run "hello world" python script, understanding local project structure, exe etc
  4. Python indentation and code block
  5. Python flow control conditional logic (if else if)
  6. Adding library reference
  7. Python date time functions
  8. Python data types
Python with Database
  1. Setting up database information in ini file
  2. Connection with MySQL database
  3. Insert query
  4. Edit / update in database
  5. Fetch data from database
  6. Delete data
  7. Authentication
  8. Authorization
  9. excel to mysql using python
Python Advance Topics
  1. Python class object concept
  2. Python OOPs concept
  3. Python Dictionary
  4. Python tuple
  5. Python string functions
  6. Loops in python
  7. Write function in python
  8. Handling files in python
  9. Python exception handling
  10. Delete file from file system
  11. Sending email with Python
Introduction to Numpy
  1. what is numpy?
  2. How to install numpy library
  3. Creating array using numpy
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