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How to create free blog with wordpress

Creating a new blog on wordpress is super easy, actually you don’t need this guide, but one of my friend asked me to help him to create a wordpress blog, so I thought maybe there are many others who has similar query, so I thought of creating this wordpress blog creation guide.

Create blog in Wordpress

Creating blog with wordpress is very simple, just follow the steps below.

Remember Wordpress has two services Wordpress.Com and Wordpress.Org

We will learn with Wordpress.Com

Create your business or personal profile, these details will be visible to reader, so put right thumbnail picture and a impressive details about who you are!

create wordpress profile

Once your profile setup is done, now let's see how can we setup wordpress blog.
Remember the below elements are very important
  • Blog URL: this is unique like your website url, keep it short and meaningful
  • Blog Title: this is will appear on top of the page - you can change the title anytime

setup wordpress blog

This is how you make your blog is, check that on browser

Now we learn how to post content, images, video etc on wordpress blog you have created.

Ready ? Let's look at the picture below.
Just click on "Add" link as shown below picture to start new post on your wordpress blog.

Once ready with your content, just click on "Publish" button on top right corner.
So, you have published your first wordpress blog post. Now let's look at few more functionality to make your blog more interesting .

Choose wordpress themes Keep the template simple sober, light color, should be smoothing to read, avoid any dark color.
Just click on "Themes" as shown below

change wordpress themes

You just have created new wordpress blog, Now let's see how quickly you can make it popular.

Wordpress social sharing plugins : In wordpress there is in-built social sharing plugins, you can connect all your social media from here, so whenever you publish a new post the post will get published on all social media.

wordpress social media plugin
Enjoy your new blog, Keep posting fresh content regularly

This is how you can create free blog on wordpress

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