Startup Business Marketing Idea

If you are owner of small business or startup, then you may find this post very useful for startup business marketing idea, a compact one-page marketing that helps spreading awareness about your business effectively in various social media and WhatsApp groups.

We often share our startup business updates among various social media group like facebook, linkedin, tweeter, whatsapp etc. do you know that a organised approach of sharing information can increase 15 to 25% more success than any casual sharing approach!

Very useful for restaurant owners, healthcare service, jewellery brand etc.

one page marketing

Let’s learn how to design startup marketing campaign effectively, that will give you long time impact and reusable!

A very simple and powerful one page marketing technique!

Here i am going to tell you that how you can make effective startup marketing campaign that can get you more success and building your brand awareness at the same time!

You do not need to have any previous knowledge of marketing; just create this simple page as explained below, you see the magical effect!

Layout is very important, design it using bootstrap, make it responsive for mobile device.

one page marketing strategy

Make two columns design with alternate side image, like this page, when someone views the page in their mobile device, the page will become single column and easily readable, elements will appear one after another.

Make sure you have added social sharing sticky buttons on your page, as I have on this page; share it on your social pages, so you can again read whenever you want!

Add image tag in your page meta information, specify full image path with domain name like <meta property="og:image" content="" /> place it inside the head tag, this tag will help creating embedded image view when someone share it on whatsapp or any other social media.

one page marketing technique

Key Elements in Startup Marketing

Too much narrative information about your startup or product and service may kill the charm of the page, so keep it short and informative, here are the key elements to be considered while designing a onepage startup marketing layout.

  • Title

    Keep the page title short and attractive to customer.

  • Product/Service:

    Crisp version of your products and services, don’t write too long message, people may lose interest in reading, and miss the other important offers etc.

  • Special Offers / Pricing

    Put the best pricing that bring more potential buyers to your service.

  • Benefits to Customers:

    Highlight what benefit are you offering to your buyers, now if this point is not be very relevant for your type of business, then skip it.

  • Key Differentiation:

    This could be opportunity to attract buyers from your competitors and also promoting your seasonal offers, promotion etc.

How to use this page and why!

Now, whenever you share your business updates in social group, share this page only; make the url as short as possible, your latest new update about service or product should come on top of the page. you should keep updating this page every time before you share, as a result, people also remember this page when they are looking for anything new about your product and service, they find it easy, keep a provision to capture visitors email id or mobile number at the bottom of the page and share yours!

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