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HTML Body Tag

how to write <body> in html document

Here we learn about at formatting and semantics within HTML Body. Formatting using HTML elements inside Body tag

Body tag <body></body> contains everything you want to display on page (screen)

This is how your body tag may look like.
<body> All content and html tags goes here ... body is the second parnet container tag after <html> </body>

Whatever you can view on any webpage comes under <body></body> tag

Here are few elements often used within HTML Body

Use of <b> Tag
<b>b Tag</b> - Bold
Hello, you learning b Tag

Use of <u> Tag
<u>u Tag</u> - Underline
u Tag example

Use of <i> Tag
<i>i Tag</i> - Italic
i Tag example

Use of <mark> Tag
<mark>mark Tag</mark> - mark text
mark text Tag example

Use of <del> Tag
<del>del Tag</del> - deleted text
del text Tag example

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HTML Body Tag Syntax in Html document