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HTML <body> Tag Example

body inside a body html

Here we learn about at formatting and semantics within HTML Body.

Formatting using HTML elements inside Body tag
Body tag <body></body>
            contains  everything you want to display on page (screen)

This is how your body tag may look like.

All content and html tags goes here ... body is the second parnet container tag after <html>       

Whatever you can view on any webpage comes under <body></body> tag

Here are few elements often used within HTML Body

Use of <b> Tag

<b>b Tag</b> - Bold

Hello, you learning b Tag

Use of <u> Tag

<u>>u Tag</u> - Underline

u Tag example

Use of <i> Tag

<i>i Tag</i> - Italic

i Tag example

Use of <mark> Tag

<mark>mark Tag</mark>- mark text

mark text Tag example

Use of <del> Tag

<del>del Tag</del> - deleted text

del text Tag example