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Html symbols and special character

As web designer we often come across requirement when we need to design special symbol on web page, and we need to know those codes, so here are some list of codes that we often use for web page designing.

HTML Symbols

Here are some of the commonly used symbols in html code.

& #169;
& copy;
copyright sign
& #174;
& reg;
registered sign
& #8482;
& trade;
& #8593;
& uarr;
upwards arrow
& #8592;
& larr;
leftwards arrow
& #8594;
& rarr;
rightwards arrow
& #8595;
& darr;
downwards arrow
& #8364;
& euro;
euro sign
& #9824;
& spades;
black spade suit
& #9830;
& diams;
black diamond suit
& #9829;
& hearts;
black heart suit
& #9827;
& clubs;
black club suit

in all above number and entity column, I have kept space after & sign, but when you want to make that symbol, you don’t have to keep space in your html code.

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