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eCommerce SEO Strategies

Ecommerce is becoming highly competitive day by day, as a ecommerce business owner you have to use every small strategy that help increasing online sale, ecommerce SEO is one of the crucial factor that help taking advantage over competitors. Here are some ecommerce SEO Strategies for any new ecommerce business growing online effectively.

Ecommerce SEO Tips 2023

Why do you need a proper SEO planning for ecommerce website? In eCommerce business if you don’t realize the power of SEO, you are not going to win the game, it’s that simple, and then you might think you know SEO, may be or may not be.

In this article I am going to tell you how most of the ecommerce business owner underestimates the SEO part of their ecommerce business and eventually business die even before they realize what’s going on! Yes, that’s the fact.
So you must know this ecommerce SEO Checklist 2023 for your website.

But how people often underestimate the SEO? Well, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly! Many ecommerce owner forget to make an effective SEO plan for their online business.

So here is how things starts! the moment they think of promoting their ecommerce, they post something like “I am looking for SEO expert” on facebook and all other social platform, and within a few hours they receive more than 100 responses from so called SEO expert, and obviously ecommerce owner get confused whom to finalize

ecommerce seo checklist 2023

Then they start looking at the cheapest quote and outsource the SEO task, in hope that some magic will happen soon, but once SEO provider’s billing cycle is over, ecommerce owner realize that nothing is happening to his ecommerce site, and that lead to a frustration and blame game starts...

So here I am sharing some SEO tips for eCommerce owner and setting up a eCommerce SEO strategy to increase online sale for any online business.

  1. Learn how to find right keywords for your business

    The most important things in ecommerce success is, knowing the right keyword(s) for your business.

    Now you might think, how you get to know your business keywords,
    well, I can tell you know your business keywords very well,
    just think how you potential buyers ask about your product and service? They say something right? What they say?
    Write down all words they use to ask for your product and service, write down each single word you heard from your potential buyers.

    Now start searching those keywords in Google, you will the idea what kind phrase are used and some other similar terminology. and remember same product and service can be called by different name or using slightly different terminology , for example same product can be called with different name in Assam and Rajasthan, think from buyers point of view, and note down all different terminology used for your product, Now this will be your base Keywords. You can take help of some keywords research tools.

  2. Learn Fishing with your bandwidth

    Now just think in real life if you want to catch fish, where do you go? Though you know that all fishermen usually go to ocean to catch fish, because there are plenty of fish, but if you go to ocean to catch fish, you will never be successful, rather you would be in problem, because you have only one fishing rod, which is not good enough for catching fish in ocean, so you should go to some nearby pond or lake, and surely you will be successful in catching some fish.

    Now there are plenty of big ecommerce players competing with the keywords you listed in above exercise, so if you use them for your SEO, that will be like going to ocean for fishing. Most of the ecommerce owner does this mistake in hope they will get more customer!

    If the keyword is very generic, the competition will be very high, So you need to customize those keywords by adding local area name, or some typical features your product has, that will help to narrow down the competition.

    For example, if you say “artificial handmade jewelry” then all big ecommerce result will come up, but if you say “artificial handmade jewelry in Bandra” then the competition will be less and you have high chance to get the enquiry from right buyer, you can also add some features in product keywords like “artificial handmade jewelry with red stone” etc. That's how you can set realistic eCommerce SEO strategy for your ecommerce.

  3. Hack competitors keywords

    So far we have learned how to gather keywords for our business and products, now let’s look at what your competitors are doing, which keywords are getting them highest traffic?

    Here are the few simple steps on how to find pages that send Organic Search Traffic to your competitors!

    Step 1: Open Google, type the keyword in you want to rank for, and check the result below, what keywords combination your competitors are using!

    find organic keywords

    Step 2: Now once you get your competitors names, log in to, and perform all competitors Domain Analytics to get information about their organic traffic keywords, organic traffic, ad keywords, back link building strategy and more insight.

    organic keywords analysis
  4. Get your SEO Strategy Right

    Now just because you got information about your competitors keywords, using them together may not get you the best result, because their backlink building strategy and parallel social media marketing made them successful, So create right eCommerce SEO Strategy for your online store, keep your base keywords on first priority, then pickup few organic keywords from competitors, keep building your quality back link and social media marketing side by side. And that will help brining up your ecommerce systematically, this process may take some time, but will surely give you long term return.

  5. Use keywords powerfully on Product Page

    Use keywords powerfully on product page, below are some of important places where you should have your keywords

    1. Image name
    2. Image title
    3. Image alt (ecommerce image seo is very important)
    4. H1 tag at top of your page, h1 should not be repeated
    5. In product description at least once in bold or italic
    6. In page title
    7. In meta description
    8. Hyperlink anchor tag title

    Take a look at On-Page SEO technique

  6. Try to offer some free products / services

    Now you may think this has nothing to do with SEO Strategy of your ecommerce business, you may be partially right, but let me explain why I am suggesting this as SEO Plan.

    Google will love your website, when more people love your website, as a mew ecommerce if you offer some attractive free product or service, which will bring more visitors to your website, this way it will help your webpage to rank higher in search engine.

  7. Focus on Daily Sale from Day One
    This is really very important point!

    Ecommerce is very competitive business, whatever you are trying to sale online, there may be at least 10 – 20 established ecommerce from same business vertical as yours, So your SEO Strategy for eCommerce Daily Sale should be very strong, and if you are successful in this from day one, your ecommerce success chance will be higher

    Here are some ideas can be useful, create a separate page, and optimise the page with keywords that people keep looking for their daily usage, that may not be your best product, but first moving products from your business vertical, now add some keywords like “Big discount”, “Free Offer”, “Cash Back” with that product name.

    So for that particular page your keywords will be “Big Discount on” + Product name , and make sure that page has multiple back linking and internal linking, another way of saying that the page is important for search engine, this will surely increase number of buyer’s enquiry

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