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How to start ecommerce business

Are you thinking of starting eCommerce business? Do you want to sell your products online, here are some proven steps for how to start ecommerce business, launch ecommerce store and grow business online step by step.

How to start ecommerce business

Before you start ecommerce business
  • Choose your Business Name carefully
  • Get Business Licenses and Permits
  • Buy Your Domain Name for Website
  • Select productive, cost effective ecommerce software partner
  • Set up Business Structure & Current Account
  • Keep the website simple, easy to Navigate
  • Keep targeted market SEO in consideration
  • Do some research on products (demand, price etc)
  • Write policies to avoid conflict
  • Start marketing as early as possible
  • Order processing & Delivery

Build successful ecommerce business

Make sure you have considered following points seriously before starting any online ecommerce business.

Choose your ecommerce business name carefully

Choose your "ecommerce business name" carefully, Remember this will become your Brand name, so keep something catchy, easy to remember and at the same time relate to your product service.

Note that changing business name later will be difficult; because the name will be used for marketing your business brand name, so that will involve lot of cost.

Get Business Licenses and Permits

Register your business with Govt body, if required take help of people who does business registration professionally,

Check if your business need additional permit or license,Especially if you are dealing with medicine, liquor, food, health care supplement, any type of natural resources etc.

Buy Your Domain Name for Website

This "ecommerce domain" name will be your big asset, make sure you are choosing a domain name same as your brand name, keep domain name short, that will people to remember and avoid misspelling. Also short domain name is good for digital marketing & SEO.

Select productive, cost effective ecommerce software partner

There are many cost effective "good ecommerce software vendor" like VTechis.Com, select someone with good knowledge, because that will help your business to grow over the period of time.

Remember ecommerce is field like ocean; everything is changing very first, technology, style of implementation, aspect of marketing.

So select someone, who would understand the whole life cycle, and understand the vision of your business. Because there may be continuous changes required in every few months to match the business demand.

Set up Business Structure & Current Account
Set up your business structure:
  • Sole Proprietor
  • Partnership (if you have a business partner)
  • LLC
  • Corporation

Simply you can start with proprietorship, If required you can change type later by adding "pvt ltd" or "llc" etc.

Once you finalized your business name, then open a current account in Bank with your Business Name.
Keep the website simple, easy to Navigate

Don't try to create something critical and jazzy, because it will take some time for you to understand what is more important and what does not required.

So make something simple sober and informative, make sure user can easily navigate through your site at any point of time. you can add more features later slowly, when you see things are growing, and you understand better what is needed.

Keep targeted market SEO in consideration

SEO is very important, is the key of success, so focus on SEO form the Day One, understand the market you are targeting, choose right set of keywords.

Do some research on products

Understanding product’s demand, competition & challenges is very important for successful ecommerce business, as an ecommerce business owner you need to remember that there are always open competition with big players in market, and your potential buyers will compare with every small advantage they are getting from big players, but because of too many challenges there are always some opportunities for niche ecommerce demand, and you need to identify and come up with a solution, and that will make you successful.

Write policies to avoid conflict

Write policy carefully, if required take help from professional legal practitioners.
Below are the policies you must prepare

  • Buyer's policy
  • Return policy
  • Supplier’s policy
Connect with Right Vendors (if applicable)

If you are selling product of others, select the list of vendors, and set up a policy, remember their products type, quality and price will play a major role in your ecommerce success, choose them carefully

Start marketing as early as possible

Once you have finalized you brand name, plan your marketing earliest possible, you need to have a good strategy to deal with very competitive market.

Start creating your brand awareness across social media. Let people know that you are about to launch your ecommerce with exciting products and offers.

Order processing & Delivery

Order processing & Delivery is one of the crucial task in ecommerce business, very challenging, your business reputation will depend on these tasks.

Order processing: every time you receive an order, make sure you cross check before you think of delivering, if you feel the order is not deliverable because of less quantity or out of stock or too odd location, inform customer immediately on phone and in email.

Delivery: Make sure you deliver products on time and as specified on your site, if there is any potential delays, inform customer as early possible, if you feel any particular delivery cost you more, and you need to charge additional money from buyer, tell them before you send it, at the time of delivery if you ask for additional money to buyer, that will make the person furious.

Get ready for ecommerce roller coaster ride

Ecommerce is going to be roller coaster ride; a good consultant can guide you with dos and don'ts depending on situation and and share some deep analysis of future demands and trends.

start ecommerce business

Start with small niche; focus on small details rather than adding new features, if you are really good at something, keep educating your buyer rather than trying to sell, once you establish the trust factor, you keep getting many business enquiries automatically, start building ecommerce website today!

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