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HTML5 Tags

In this article we introduce with few new HTML5 tags that you have never used in earlier HTML.
Tag Description
<audio /> this element is used for seeting audio file in HTML, very easy to use
<video /> this element is used for seeting video file in HTML page, very easy to use
<meter /> This element can be used for showing some report using this without even writing any programming code.
<mark /> It specifies highlighted content on webpage, you don’t need to write any style or css class
<datalist /> Now auto complete feature for text field can be achieved even without writing a single line of JavaScript code
<article /> This element is more like a ready to use css-class for Article, now you don’t need to write a separate class, simply define <article>
<dialog /> Defines a soft dialog box like a pop window without writing any JavaScript code

HTML5 is very demmanding skill for Web Developer or Web Designer

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HTML5 Tags

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