Latest html tags in html5

Learn html5 attributes and html5 tags with example, how to use html5 tags in webpage.

Here is the list of few very useful HTML5 tags that you find new compare to earlier html tags, (this is based on the W3C HTML5 specification), and you can consider these tags are like advanced html tags.

Use HTML5 tags in webpage document
  • <audio>

    this element is used for seeting audio file in HTML, very easy to use

    Example of Audio Tags

  • <video>

    this element is used for seeting video file in HTML page, very easy to use

    Example of Video Tags

  • <meter>

    This element can be used for showing some report using this without even writing any programming code.

  • <mark>

    It specifies highlighted content on webpage, you don’t need to write any style or css class

    Here is the example mark tag to highlight anything important

  • <datalist>

    Now auto complete feature for text field can be achieved even without writing a single line of JavaScript code

    Example of Datalist Tags

  • <article>

    This element is more like a ready to use css-class for Article, now you don’t need to write a separate class, simply define <article>

    Example of Article Tags

  • <dialog>

    Defines a soft dialog box like a pop window without writing any JavaScript code

  • <canvas>

    Let user to draw graphics, on the fly, via scripting (usually JavaScript)

  • <cite> Using cite element

    Define the title of any work, This is very useful when writing long article with many title in it, you also can define CSS class on element matching with UI

  • <keygen>

    Control for generating a public-private key pair, this element generates an encryption key for passing encrypted data to a server when any form is submitted.

    <keygen name="key" form="form1" autofocus="autofocus">
  • <main>

    Now we can specify the main content of the HTML page within main tag, it helps crawler to understand the actual content and ignore others like navigation, additional info etc for page ranking in search result, using of main content rightly can achieve highest accuracy.

    like here i am putting something in main tag
    Latest html tags and how to use then in html page design
    <main style="background-color:#4cff00;"> Latest html tags and how to use then in html page design </main>

HTML5 is very demmanding skill for Web Developer or Web Designer

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