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Using Meter Tags Example in HTML5

This is a fantastic html5 element, now you can show some report using this without even writing any programming code, if just need to have the number.

Here is an simple Meter element example

This is how you can write Code

<meter value="20" min="1" max="100"></meter> <br />
<meter value="50" min="1" max="100"></meter>
<br />
<meter value="70" min="1" max="100"></meter>
<br />
<meter value="90" min="1" max="100"></meter>

Here are few important properties of meter element

Attribute Description
value Mandatory attribute, used to specify a value in numbers. The number may be floating point number or integer.
max specifies the maximum value in the range.
min specifies the minimum value in the range.
Useful HTML5 Elements

You can think of using this meter element to represent some report, graphic view of data in html5!

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HTML5 Meter Tag