What is spamming attack and how to identify spam?

If you have website and trying to build your business online, then you must know what is spamming attack!

Spamming attack is dangerous! It can ruin all your effort of building online business platform.

what is spamming attack, how to identify spam

Just think of how “reference” works in our real life, when we search for something, and get a reference from genuine reputed person, and go there to buy the service or product from provider, provider gets business because the reference was from good source, which increase the value of their service.

Now, when irrelevant or bad people refer to something in large quantity, where things are not what they are referring for, that’s called spamming, that ruin the reputation of provider and harm their business.

As we know “more visibility brings more business”!

In digital world, when spamming attack happen, they actually bring down your visibility in organic search, which is a great source of genuine leads for your business.

You spend lots of money and put hard work to build online business! and spamming attack ruin it!

Yes, it’s painful! and frustrating!

In most of the cases, when you realize it, the damage is already done!

If it's happening regularly and in large quantity, then it can bring down your online business to almost zero!

What can you do about it?

Though as an individual you can't do much about it, (because this type of attack is done by competitors or someone who doesn’t want your business to grow! they spend dedicated resources to bring down your site’s visibility.) but still you can identify and reduce to some extent!

How to identify spam links pointing to website!

Keep checking your google search console regularly, twice a week!

Login to your google search console, select the property (website) you want to check report for, on the left-hand side, click on “Links”.

Go to “top linking sites”, click on “more” to see the full list

top linking sites

On each row, you see three columns, apart from the site name, you will see how many links are coming to your site and how many page has linked you.

Check each of those sites, apart from popular sites, if there is more number of links coming to your site, they are probably spam.

If you are using SEM Rush, then the “Backlink Analytics” tool can help you getting the list of backlinks pointing towards your site, below is the screenshot taken from same tool, as you can see the graph, backlinks increasing month by month in large number, most of them are spam.

Apart from google search console, there are few online tools provide some information about backlinking sites to your website, SEMRush is one of the most popular sites, others are AHref, Linkgraph etc.

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