.Net web service Interview Questions Answers

.Net C# Web Service interview question answers for beginners, at the end of this post i will share some web api related questions also.

C# web service interview questions

C# web service interview questions
  1. What is a Web Service?

    A web service is a service that provides functionality to be accessed using any web protocols like http / tcp , and any web application can consume that service, web service uses standard XML Messaging for communication.

    Because web service communication is formatted using SOAP syntax (XML format), Web services are not tied to any one operating system or programming.

  2. What are the protocols supported by web services built with ASP.NET to exchange data?
    • HTTP GET
    • SOAP
  3. How are web services implemented in .NET?
    Web services are implemented as HTTP Handlers that intercept requests to .asmx files.
  4. What are the limitations of using GET & POST to communicate with a web service?
    • It is less secured than SOAP.
    • It prevents the user from passing structures and objects as arguments
    • It prevents the user from passing ByRef arguments
  5. How to make a class accessible as a web service?

    Inheriting from the System.Web.Services.WebService class is beneficiary in that it allows the class to access the ASP.NET context and other useful objects such as the session and application objects. On the other hand, qualifying the class with the WebService attribute allows for setting additional properties of the web service such as its description and namespace.

    public class WebTrainingRoomService : System.Web.Services.WebService
  6. How to make a method of a web service class accessible through the internet?
    by qualifying the method with the WebMethod attribute.
    public string GetClientName()
  7. How to create .Net Web service and consume it ?
    We can create .net webservice simply by adding a asmx file in asp.net project, please see How to create .net webservice and consume it in details.
  8. What is WSDL
    WSDL is Web Services Description Language. It is basically the service description layer in the web service protocol stock. The Service Description layer describes the user interface to a web service.
  9. What UDDI means?
    UDDI stands for Universal, Description, Discovery, and Integration. It is the discovery layer in the web services protocol stack
  10. .NET web services supported data types?
    .Net web services uses XML-based standards to transfer/receive information. Thus, .NET web services can only works with data types known by XML schema standard. Like FileSteam, Eventlog etc. are not recognized by the XML schema standards and hence, not supported in web services.

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WebService Interview Questions Answers
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