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Job interview tips for freshers

If you are fresher or looking for job without any previous experience then here are some job interview tips that will surely help you to find a job quicker.

interview tips for freshers

How to get a job as a freasher ?
The biggest question now-a-days is “Are there enough jobs for fresher’s?” Although it is true that if you don’t get placed right out of campus, then things are going to be a bit harder for you, but that doesn’t mean it is the end of world. The most important thing is to remember that it is only a matter of time that you get a job.

Getting the first opportunity is tough, but utilizing the opportunity is more crucial!

Sixteen interview tips for freshers

As a fresher how to be prepared for your first interview, Here are some great job interview tips that will help get a good job as a fresher.

  1. Do some research about the company
  2. Keep your resume crisp
  3. Work on your Introduction
  4. Talk about projects you have done
  5. Focus on your online presence
  6. Talk about projects you have done
  7. Upload your resume on several job portals
  8. Turn your phone off
  9. Be an Active Listener
  10. Convey a Can-Do Attitude
  11. Dress like you mean business
  12. Smile but don’t overdo it
  13. Talk about the changes you faced and how you overcame them
  14. Practice Interview Etiquette
  • Do some research about the company

    Before you go for interview, do some research, know what business they are doing and their technology, process, business domain etc. basic information is enough, don't take stress.
    Most of the time even the experienced folks forget to do quality research on the company they have applied for. This becomes a major issue as the interviewers always search for a candidate who knows the company inside out.

  • Keep your resume crisp

    Don’t write essays in your CV. Keep it short and crisp and highlight the points you want to show the interviewers. Also show your positive attitude in your CV by

    • Using positive action words
    • Using examples of when you went the extra mile in the achievements section
    • Showing the passion you have for something outside work
    • Matching up your CV with the job

  • Work on your Introduction

    Interviewers’ generally give very short periods of attention to each of the interviewee. Therefore you should start your introduction strong so that you can capture the listeners’ attention

  • Talk about projects you have done

    Being a fresher the only thing by which you can impress the interviews is by talking (remember, not making up) about the project you have done in your college and university days as well as an intern.

  • Focus on your online presence

    Maintain a LinkedIn and twitter profile, even if you don’t have work experience

  • Create a decent email id (with your full name if possible)

    Get yourself a decent mail id as you will need to email several recruiters, companies and you don’t want your potential recruiter to reject you on the basis of the word freak on your mail id.

  • Upload your resume on several job portals

    By sending mails to random site owners a fresher might not get a job but by creating an account on a job portal one can go very far

  • Turn your phone off

    If the interviewers’ are constantly disturbed by the ringing phone or by you looking at the phone constantly, it will leave a negative impact on your presence in the company

  • Be an Active Listener

    Practice active listening to make sure you stay focused on the interviewer and understand what he is saying.Look the interviewer in the eye while she is speaking, ask clarifying questions.

  • Convey a Can-Do Attitude

    Before the interview, draw up a list of your qualities and experiences that relate to the job requirements as stated in the job listing.

    This way, if the interviewer asks why you’re a good fit for the job, you have a number of reasons and examples handy.

  • Dress like you mean business

    Even though you are out of college you should not land up at an interview in boyfriend jeans and oversized T-shirt. You should always dress for the job you're targeting

  • Smile but don’t overdo it

    smiling, even when you’re not feeling happy, can actually brighten your mood. So even if you are feeling disheartened about your job search, walk into and out of the office with a smile. It will put both you and your interviewer in a good mood. But remember not to overdo it

  • Talk about the changes you faced and how you overcame them

    Recall a challenge that was significant, but one that you consider a success. Don’t just say what you did — explain how you did it. Emphasize the outcome and what you learned from it.

  • Practice Interview Etiquette

    Proper interview etiquette is important. Remember to greet the receptionist, your interviewer, and everyone else you meet politely, pleasantly, and enthusiastically

Hope all above interview tips will help you in your next job search.

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