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IIS Interview Questions Answers

IIS Interview Questions Answers

What are the worker process for IIS 5.1 and IIS 6.0 and IIS 7.0?

For IIS 5.1 > aspnet_wp.exe

For IIS 6.0 > w3wp.exe

For IIS 7.0 > w3wp.exe

To open IIS on your local machine

Control Panel => Administrative Tools => IIS

take a look at picture below

IIS interview questions

What is Web Farm?
When we hosted our web Application on multiple web server under a load balancer call the Web Farm. This is generally used for heavy load web application where there are many user requests at a time. So When Web Application is hosted on Different IIS Server over a load balancer, Load balancer is responsible for distribute the load on different server.
What is Web Garden?
A Web garden is configured on a single server by specifying multiple worker processes for an application pool. Web farms use multiple physical servers for supporting a single Web site.
What is the default Identity of an Application Pool ?
Network Services
What is the available Identity of an Application Pool?
In IIS 6.0 - NetworkServices | LocalService | LocalSystem

In IIS 7.0 - NetworkServices | LocalService | LocalSystem | ApplicationPoolIdentity

What are the different type of application pool available in IIS 7.0 ?
1. DefaultAppPool (Integrated)
2. ClassicAppPool
What is the use of aspnet_regiis -i command ?
This is used automatically register the .NET Framework with your IIS.
How to check Installed .Net Version on IIS
C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322>aspnet_regiis.exe –lv
What are the main layers of IIS Architecture ?

IIS having mainly two layer Kernel Mode and User Mode

  • Kernel Mode
  • User Mode
    • Web Admin Service
    • Virtual Directory
    • Application Pool
What is the Role of Http.Sys in IIS?

HTTP.SYS is the kernel level components of IIS. All client request comes from client hit the HTTP.Sys of Kernel level.

HTTP.SYS then makes a queue for each and every request for each and individual application pool based on the request.

Whenever we create any application pool IIS automatically registers the pool with HTTP.SYS to identify the particular during request processing.

What are the different security settings available in IIS ?
  • 1 Anonymous
  • 2 Integrated Windows Authentication
  • 3. Basic Authentication
  • 4. Digest Authentication
  • 5. Passport Authentication

For Set security permission you need to go to Virtul Directory > Right Click > Properties > Directory Security Click on Edit Button .

How to create a virtual directory ?

Open IIS on your local machine

Control Panel => Administrative Tools => IIS

then right click on => "Add Virtual Directory" create virtual directory on IIS