Query Operators in LINQ Query

What is Query Operator in LINQ?
There are some query-patterns which define how we should write query on data using LINQ; those patterns are designed with the help of extension methods, those query patterns are known as Query Operators

Learn Query Operators in LINQ

Based on functionalities LINQ query operators can be categorized into the following ways.

  1. Join Operators
  2. Projection Operations
  3. Sorting Operators
    OrderBy, OrderByDescending, ThenBy, ThenByDescending, Reverse
  4. Grouping Operators
    GroupBy, ToLookUp
  5. Filtering Operators
    OfType, Where
  6. Aggregation
    Aggregate, Average, Count, LonCount, Max, Min, Sum
  7. Set Operations
    Distinct, Except, Intersect, Union
  8. Conversions
    AsEnumerable, AsQueryable, Cast, OfType, ToArray, ToDictionary, ToList, ToLookup
  9. Partition Operators
    Skip, SkipWhile, Take, TakeWhile

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Operators in LINQ Query: linq query operators extension methods
LINQ (language integrated query) allow you to write query on database objects like ado.net, entity framework etc, LINQ is type safe, easy to convert database object to list objects and business objects in secure and scalable way.
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