LINQ to SQL in Visual Studio 2019

What is LINQ to SQL? (data model of a relational database) is a component of was introduced .NET Framework 3.5, the component allow us to manipulate data in database from c# classes based on mapping with database objects, at the time of creation the component classes are created from database objects (tables, views), so it needs sql connection details to access the schema information.

LINQ to SQL dbml template is no more a part of default installation in visual studio 2019, now before I tell you to look at entity framework core instead, let me help you to start with DBML template in VS 2019.

To start working with LINQ to SQL component, first open your visual studio and create a console application (please create non .net core version).

Things to learn: how database connection is established, component classes are created from database schema, then how to write LINQ query that translate into sql queries at runtime, helps reading and writing data into sql database.

How to add LINQ to SQL DBML in VS 2019

To Access SQL Server Instance in your visual studio, Go to "View" => "Server Explorer", then select the server you want to connect, provide all database server credential, click “connect” button.

access sql server from visual studio

Once you connect your selected database successfully, you will be able to see all database tables and views in your server explorer.

Now we need to install dbml template which will allow us to create LINQ to SQL class for each database object.

Got to " Tools" -> "Get Tools and Features"
Click on Individual Components tab
then find "Linq to Sql tools". (note: this may require to install other dependent component also) and install it.

Now you will able to use LINQ to SQL in Visual studio 2019, but you should think again, why not use entity framework core, becasue Microsoft intended to obsolete LINQ To SQL after the Entity Framework releases and EF can provide better performance than Linq To SQL.

I suggest you to look at following entity framework core tutorials!

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LINQ (language integrated query) allow you to write query on database objects like, entity framework etc, LINQ is type safe, easy to convert database object to list objects and business objects in secure and scalable way.
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