LINQ Method Syntax C# Example

Now we learn LINQ method syntax (some people call as fluent syntax)
Method syntax is combination of extension methods and Lambda expression

Method Syntax in LINQ

First we create a student list object with some data, so we can use that for all examples in this tutorials

var studentsStream = new List<Student> { 
    new Student { FullName = "Aruna", StreamId=1,  Score = 10 },
    new Student { FullName = "Janet", StreamId=2,  Score = 9  },
    new Student { FullName = "Ajay", StreamId=1,  Score = 11 },
    new Student { FullName = "Kunal", StreamId=2,  Score = 13  },
    new Student { FullName = "Chandra", StreamId=2,  Score = 8  },

Example 1: from above student list we want to select only student names

LINQ Method syntax with lambda select one column

//Method syntax
var _studentNames1 = studentsStream.Select(s => s.FullName);

Example 2: from above student list select students where score is more than 10
LINQ method syntax using extension method (where ) and lambda in list
Here you can notice how query syntax is difference than method syntax.

// Way 1 (Query syntax) var studentList = from stu in studentsStream
where stu.Score>10 select stu;
// Way 2: Using Lambda Expression var studentList1 = studentsStream.Where<Student>(stu => stu.Score> 10);

method syntax in linq

Now if you check the Where extension method, you will see that Where method accepts a predicate as Func.

public static IEnumerable<TSource> Where<TSource>(this IEnumerable<TSource> source, Func<TSource, bool> predicate) 

Most of the time while writing linq code, we use both method syntax and query syntax together.

LINQ Method Syntax C# Example: Use LINQ Method Syntax in LINQ Query
LINQ (language integrated query) allow you to write query on database objects like, entity framework etc, LINQ is type safe, easy to convert database object to list objects and business objects in secure and scalable way.
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